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Sunday November 28th

New places to sleep and eat: Eickhoff, apartments ready

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Move-in day was punctuated by a new addition to Metzger drive — the new College apartments on campus are complete and currently occupied by upperclassmen.

New student apartments William Phelps Hall and William Hausdoerffer Hall were completed on budget and on schedule, according to William Rudeau, director of Campus Construction.

“They turned out excellent,” Rudeau said. “It was a great design — the architect did a great job. I think (the apartments) fit really well into the aesthetic of the rest of the campus.”

The apartments feature beds for 400 upperclassmen total, with each apartment consisting of three single bedrooms, one double bedroom, a living room and a partial kitchen.

According to Melisa Sternberger, senior deaf education and psychology major and resident of Hausdoerffer Hall, the new apartments are satisfactory so far.

“There are a few little things that aren’t quite right though. Room D is a little smaller than the other bedrooms,” Sternberger said. “I was the first one to sign into the apartment and I found out I had the smallest room. They’re really great though. Everything that was supposed to be there was there.”

Phelps and Hausdoerffer Halls replaced the previously constructed apartments abandoned in November 2004. The old apartments were eventually torn down because of water damage. Construction started on the new apartments in Spring 2008. An open house gala at the apartments took place yesterday in order for the College community to be formally introduced to the new buildings.

Phase one of the renovation of Eickhoff Hall is also complete. There are several planned phases of construction that are due to take place over the next several years.

The middle section of the main dining area was sectioned off for most of the summer so that the flooring and plumbing could be replaced, new lights and electrical configurations could be installed and new deli equipment could be added.
Students can see that a salad bar as well as a sandwich station have been constructed, while the main food area has remained the same.

“There are a couple little pieces that still need to be finished, but otherwise, Phase One is complete,” Rudeau said.

Finally, construction on the new Art and Interactive Multimedia Building is still underway. This building will be home to Art and Interactive Multimedia majors, and is planned to one day completely replace Holman Hall. According to Rudeau, the project is on schedule and is due to be completed this winter. Occupancy will begin next semester in January.

Students can view the more detailed plan for campus construction on the College’s construction website at


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