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Thursday October 6th

GoPro not just for the highly adventurous anymore

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By Courtney Wirths
Features Editor

• Japanese telecommunications company, SoftBank Corp. is looking to acquire or partner with DreamWorks Animation. The deal could help the two companies continue to compete with other international rivals. SoftBank’s strategy has been to acquire content providers (mainly video game companies) as a way to lure mobile subscribers in the future. A potential price for the Hollywood studio was not disclosed.

American Apparel, the L.A. based manufacturer known for creating clothing basics, has appointed a new interim chief executive and replaced its chief financial officer. The new leadership enters as a temporary replacement for the company’s founder, Dov Charney who was removed as CEO in June over allegations of misconduct. Charney is accused of misusing company funds and allowing nude photos to be published on the Internet of a former employee who sued him alleging sexual harassment.

• Tesla Motors Inc. was in “drive” and ready to hit the streets of China in full force. The cars’ charging stations, however, are proving to be a considerable roadblock. Weary property managers and neighbors often get in the way of the stations’ installations, because many Chinese citizens live in urban areas or apartment complexes and have to park in community lots or garages. The delays and lack of charging stations have caused buyers to become frustrated with the luxury car maker. Tesla continues to attempt to spread new information.

GoPro, the camera company for the adventurer, is attempting to woo the more mild traveler. The new Hero collection offers one cheaper option to its more professional cameras, but also has two higher-end cameras with touch screens that make them easy to use for the everyday vacationer. The products exemplify GoPro’s new strategy of making the brand more accessible to a larger group of consumers.

* All information according to the Wall Street Journal.


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