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Wednesday September 28th

From the Roberts: Reunited in Spain

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By Raquel Roberts and Samantha Roberts

¡Saludos desde España! After three (very long and seemingly endless) three months apart, we though to ourselves, “What better place for a family reunion than Sevilla, Spain?” So now we are writing you from Raquel’s apartment in the center of the city and we could not be more excited to be back together and blogging. Samantha’s jaw went slack when she took in the amazing old city and all of its tremendous architecture and ruins. And when Raquel took her to the local restaurants for tapas Samantha was at a loss for words once more. BUT the two of them could be found mouth agape and astounded by the gorgeous fashions on all of the Sevillans.

If you’re like us, then fitting all of your favorite wardrobe pieces into your tiny suitcase (shoes included) is a struggle when preparing for travel. So, when coming to Spain, Samantha had to pack selectively. For shoe wear, she decided on her white converse, her distressed black-heeled booties, and a pair of leather combat boots: all of which are staples in her American wardrobe.

“At first, I wasn’t sure if I should take my heeled booties with me to Spain because I didn’t know if I would get much use out of them,” Samantha says. “As soon as I got to Spain, I realized that booties are just as huge in Spanish fashion as they are back home. Definitely a good choice to bring them!”


To indulge in this Spanish/ American fashion trend like Samantha, all you will need is a simple pair of leather booties. The two of us love them so much because they polish off any outfit and they are so easy to wear. Above are a few of our (affordable and adorable) favorites!

Another Spanish/American fashion trend that the two of us love: all things leather.

Raquel says, “I have bought so many leather staple items since studying abroad in Spain! My favorite so far is this pair of Leather Zara leggings. They are so easy to wear. And let’s be honest, I feel like a complete badass wearing them.” We love that Raquel’s outfit manages to bring the best of Spanish and American style. Raquel’s all black-Spanish look is polished off with a big, and very American-style typical, flannel. In order to rock a casual, leather-bottomed ensemble, like Raquel, pair your pants with a black high-neck tank, an oversized sweater, cardigan or flannel, and a black (leather, of course) ankle boot.

The best thing about leather is its ability to be made casual or absolutely posh. But no matter what, rocking leather gives your outfit a sleek chic and daringly sexy appeal to it.

Until next time fashionistas!

Hasta luego,
From The Roberts


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