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Sunday November 28th

Mysterious female attempts to extort student

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By Brielle Bryan
News Editor

Student sends pornographic video to stranger

On Feb. 7, at approximately 1:30 p.m., a male student arrived at Campus Police headquarters to report a female who was extorting him for money, police said. The male student told police that a female added him on Facebook on Feb. 5. On Feb. 7, she contacted him via Facebook Messenger. After starting a casual conversation with him, she asked the male student to add her on a separate messaging app so they could video chat, according to police reports.

Once they switched over to the other messaging application, she requested that he send a video of himself masturbating. After he sent the video, she told him she had recorded the it and would send the video to his Facebook friends unless he paid her $3,000, police said. The female individual also sent the male student a URL link to a YouTube video of him masturbating.

While at Campus Police Headquarters filling out the police report, the male student kept receiving video calls from the female individual. One of the officers answered the video chat and the caller hung up, police said. The caller kept trying to reach out to the male student by messaging him. Upon Campus Police’s request, the student blocked and deleted the individual from the messaging app and from Facebook.

Water bottle filled with vodka sends student over the edge

On Feb. 10, at about 12:25 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Travers Hall regarding an underage intoxicated male. Upon arrival, Campus Police met with the community adviser who reported that a student said that his friend had been drinking and needed medical assistance, police said.

Upon arrival, Campus Police met with the intoxicated student, who was sitting on the floor holding a small trash can. He reportedly drank a water bottle that was filled with vodka, according to police reports. He did not say how much was in the bottle. TCNJ EMS arrived and provided patient care and evaluation, police said. The male student was not issued a ticket because his friend called for assistance, an act permitted under New Jersey’s 911 Lifeline Legislation.

Backpack thief strikes Packer Hall

On Feb. 8, at 4:50 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Campus Police Headquarters to take a report of a theft. Upon arrival, Campus Police met with a male student who advised that on Feb. 7, between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 2 p.m., he left his backpack on the couch by Packer Hall’s weight room and went into the trainer’s room, according to police reports. The male student advised Campus Police that he was in the trainer’s room for about half an hour and when he returned, and his backpack and belongings were gone.

A search of the area was conducted with negative results, police said. At this time there, are no suspects or witnesses. The male student filled out a stolen property report and a victim notification form.

Intoxicated student heads to hospital

On Feb. 11, at around 1:27 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to New Residence Hall regarding an intoxicated student. Upon arrival, Campus Police met with a female student who reported that her friend had become intoxicated after drinking an unknown amount of vodka, police said. The female student said she called Campus Police after her friend began vomiting. Ewing Township EMS arrived and provided patient care and evaluation, according to police reports. The intoxicated student was transported to the hospital for further treatment. A summons was not issued due to the New Jersey Lifeline Legislation, police said.


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