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Monday December 6th

Campus Style: Fall Fashion

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By Diana Solano 
Distribution Manager

The heat of August has come and gone, and now September brings windy days. Although the first official day of fall isn’t until Sept. 21, no one can deny the inevitable change that is coming to our lives and, more importantly, our wardrobes. 

The beginning of fall is marked by not just the leaves changing, but also the cold weather in the morning that changes to the blazing heat in the afternoon. The best part of this season change is that it brings along a new wardrobe. It’s the start of bundling up and putting on layers. So let’s enjoy the beginning of fall with a few essential fashion pieces that will keep you warm and stylish. 

1. Boots and Sneakers

It’s that time of year to retire flip flops and replace them with sneakers and boots to give our feet a little more comfort and warmth. Popular shoes for the fall have always been black booties or knee-high riding boots with a bit of a heel, but Doc Marten combat boots have become a popular item on the market. Many people see them as a good investment to weather for every season. Nike Air Force 1 has also begun a trend as a simple pair of white sneakers to wear. 

2. Sweaters 

Cable knit, cardigans or turtleneck sweaters — there are so many possibilities for sweaters that can keep you warm. Sweaters come in all different colors and styles; some are cropped and others are oversized. They can be paired with leggings and jeans for a relaxed cozy look or with a skirt to dress up a little. A warm sweater is a nice alternative to carrying around a coat that is not needed yet. 

3. Scarves

I’m not suggesting you wear the types of scarves that are big and bulky. A lightweight scarf with a pattern such as plaid or solid color is an essential item to have for this fall. Scarves keep your neck warm as the seasons change and add an element of style to your outfit. A plaid scarf could go well with a jean jacket, while a solid color one could go well with a faux leather jacket when going out for an occasion. 


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