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Sunday December 5th

Campus Style: The VSCO Girl Trend

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By Diana Solano 
Distribution Manager

This summer was full of a lot of fashion trends and iconic inspirational quotes such as having a “hot girl summer.” Now, as summer comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on what I saw as the most noticeable fashion trend created: “The VSCO Girl.” 

Derived from the photo-editing app VSCO, many girls this summer not only edited their Instagram photos using this app, but also followed a distinct look that you can recreate this school year before it gets too cold.

1. Nike Shorts and Oversized T-shirts

Nike shorts are not only comfortable, but they are some of the most stylish pairs of shorts to wear to worout. Nike shorts paired with a t-shirt is not only an outfit that’s good for the gym, but also one you can head to class with. 

2. Birkenstocks or Crocs

Crocs used to be the shoes some of us wore to kindergarten and added Jibbitz charms to spell out our names or show off our love for our favorite Disney movie. Recently, I have seen people on this campus wearing pastel, white or black Crocs. The shoes have now become the coolest pair of shoes to own. Not only are they comfortable, but you can personalize them. Birkenstocks are no longer referred to as “Jesus sandals.” Now, they’re investment pieces. They add flair to your outfit that regular flip flops and sandals can’t give you. 

3. Jewelry

Pura Vida jewelry and D.I.Y friendship bracelets were a staple this summer. I first noticed the popularity of Pura Vida bracelets back in high school. Besides being a cute accessory to add to your bracelet collection, they symbolize an organization that donates to charities and provides artisans with full-time jobs. Pura Vida has expanded its collection to rings, anklets and earrings. The last item has gotten the most attention not only for its creativity, but also for its originality. D.I.Y friendship bracelets are not only a cute activity to bond your friends, but they’re something you can create that no one else can replicate just like your friendship with them. 


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