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Tuesday August 16th


A stack of letters in a box in the attic opened a door to family history and a story worth spreading(Flickr/ "stack" by hobvias sudoneighm, April 1, 2007).

Hidden family letters become off-Broadway play

The letters were located in the attic of their family home and had been locked away for over 15 years collecting dust, covered in swastikas and written in German and Polish, two languages that no one in the Hollander family spoke.  Found after his parents had passed away suddenly in a tragic car accident in 1986, Richard S. Hollander refused to look at them, burying them from his mind and back into the attic he found them in.  Unpacking them meant having to address the fact that he truly didn’t know his father.

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(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

‘The Northman’ Review: A gruesome Viking revenge tale

“The Northman,” directed by Robert Eggers, takes place in 10th-century Iceland where a young prince named Amleth vows to avenge his father if he dies in war. When his father is killed in an act to overthrow his kingdom, Amleth makes it his sole purpose to avenge his father and take retribution on the man who killed him. 

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone/ Photo Editor)

Campus Town welcomes dessert shop to its lineup

Crepes & Churros D’France has been added as the newest dessert shop in The Shoppes of Campus Town. Carlo Ramos is the son of the dessert shop’s owner and one of the two general managers, along with Omar Gomez. Ramos commented on the successes the dessert restaurant has had since opening. 

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(Stephanie Shen / Photo Editor)

Student Government: Goals, Function, and What They Really Do for TCNJ

Many students at the College are somewhat familiar with Student Government as a concept. Every semester, the student body is encouraged to vote in their elections. Students see the campaigns of our peers as they run for Student Government positions. Of course, their job is to “govern” the school, but how exactly does it function and what achievements has it made for the College? 

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The Court is hearing the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which challenges a Mississippi ban on abortion after 15 weeks. If the Court upholds the ban, thus overturning Roe and Casey, states will have the right to ban abortions completely(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Supreme Court draft opinion indicates Roe v. Wade may be overturned

The Supreme Court has voted to overturn the Roe v. Wade decision, according to a leaked draft opinion published by Politico. The draft majority opinion, which was confirmed by Chief Justice John Roberts, could mark the end of the constitutional right to abortion, although the Court’s final decision may change.  In 1973, the Supreme Court heard the case of Jane Roe, a pseudonym for Norma McCorvey, against Henry Wade, a district attorney in Dallas, Texas. At the time, McCorvey was looking to have an abortion in Texas, which had a law banning abortion unless a woman’s life was endangered. McCorvey sued Wade, and while she won the case, Texas appealed to the Supreme Court. The Court ruled in favor of McCorvey, stating that the law violated her right to personal privacy and was subsequently unconstitutional, thus ruling that the U.S. Constitution protected a woman’s right to have an abortion during the first three months of her pregnancy without interference from the state.

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Senate Bill 4C seeks to dissolve a number of special tax districts in Florida, most important among them being the Reedy Creek Improvement District(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Florida Governor Revokes Disney’s Special Tax District Over “Don’t Say Gay” Feud

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) took his feud with the Walt Disney Corporation into a new phase on April 22 following the Governor’s signing of an act to dissolve a special tax district owned and operated by Disney. The move is seen as a retaliation for Disney’s opposition to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by critics, which seeks to restrict discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in Florida schools.  Senate Bill 4C seeks to dissolve a number of special tax districts in Florida, most important among them being the Reedy Creek Improvement District(RCID). Granted to Disney by Florida through a 1967 agreement, the district has allowed the media giant to operate its 25,000 acres of property spanning Orange and Osceola counties essentially as a municipal government. Disney has used this power to, as the district’s owner and largest property owner, effectively to levy taxes on itself which then are used to fund its own fire-and-medical response services, water and roadwork and even generate some of its own electricity.

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