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Saturday June 15th


Campus Police’s station is located on-campus, across the street from the softball field (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone/Photo Editor).

Stay safe out there! Helpful safety tips from Campus Police

The campus life of the College can be defined in many different ways: strolling through Alumni Grove, grabbing a bite to eat at the Brower Student Center, or even just snapping a picture of Green Hall for the thousandth time. But something students should be reminded of is that the campus is public, and while students may appreciate the endless amount of local people walking their dogs on the sidewalks, anyone can enter campus.  

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Admission rates at the College have gone up, raising questions about future student bodies (Photo courtesy of Erika Paredess/Staff Photographer).

An Interview with President Foster: The future for applying students

Historically, the low admission rates at the College have been a selling point to prospective students. Being conscious of how many students are being admitted is vital to national rankings which affects the College’s perceived prestige. It is also important to be conscious of the makeup of the student body to create an inclusive environment for every student. With the class of 2027 almost solidified, President Kathryn Foster is focusing on these issues that affect the future of the College. 

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Senior Zoe Talbot reading to students and faculty (Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Copeland).

Sigma Tau Delta reignites old tradition with the theme and reading of ‘Love’

“A dream is just a nightmare with lipstick,” read senior secondary education and English major Zoe Talbot before a group of attentive professors and students as they listened in awe. Sigma Tau Delta, a national English honors society, held a Valentine’s Day Read-a-Thon on Feb. 14 in the Bliss Hall lounge where guests enjoyed cookies, coffee and the sharing of literature. It is the day of love, and not just because it is Valentine’s Day.

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Photo Editor)

Ewing school threat exposes faults in campus safety

Tracy Perron, a full-time nursing professor at the College, spent what she thought was a typical Tuesday morning letting students into the doors of Trenton Hall after the College implemented a swipe-access only protocol to enter all buildings on campus. It wasn’t until hours later that she found out the reasoning behind this surprising move. The night prior, a shooter entered two buildings at Michigan State University where he fired at students hiding within, killing three. After a nights-long manhunt, he was found deceased with a note in his pocket outlining more threats against the public schools located in Ewing, N.J.

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / fotdmike, August 28, 2009).

Students worry about warm winter weather

The best part of winter is getting to spend time with loved ones in the snow. Getting to make a snowman, or to sled down a big hill, creates perfect memories. Unfortunately, mother nature had other things in mind and Ewing received barely any snow, except for a few flurries, this winter.  

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Dr. Snejzana Smodlaka shows students of the College what ‘Everyday Life in Pompeii’ was like

The Italian Club, Italian program and the Department of World Languages and Culture came together to sponsor the “Everyday Life in Pompeii” lecture with guest speaker Dr. Snejzana Smodlaka on Feb. 15 in the library auditorium. She presented a slideshow of photos of excavated objects from Pompeii that helped to determine how the people of that civilization lived.  

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