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Sunday September 24th


The board's office at BSC 214. (Kevin Hornibrook / News Editor)

SFB: What is it?

To some students at the College, the Student Finance Board (SFB) is known as the organization that deals with student finances. The true function of the organization, the funding they provide and how the student body supports the organization through funding each semester is not exactly common knowledge. 

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Wolfe Hall (Ben Gallanter / Signal Contributor)

The new normal: How students feel about residence life, updated Covid-19 policies

For the first time in weeks, students roamed residence halls at the College without masks, allowing their friends a chance to see the lower part of their faces for what might have been the first time this semester. Students relaxed on lounge couches, did their laundry and spoke to their fellow residents, finally able to remove their masks and live a more normal residential college experience. 

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The SFB office is located in the Brower Student Center on the second floor, where board members can be found during office hours (Rishi Shah / Director of Operations).

Pause in SAF funding has implications for student orgs

Hafsah Shaik opened the email thinking it was just another ordinary update from the Student Finance Board (SFB), casually reading while sitting at work in the library. As she scanned through the email, though, her eyes widened as the gravity of the situation weighed down on her. She could read the words on the screen, but it didn’t seem to register them in her brain.  

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