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Thursday May 19th

What Were Watching On Netflix

(Navya Sinha / The Signal)

OPINION: Doping discrimination has never been clearer

The world was in shock when fifteen-year-old Kamila Valieva was allowed to compete in this year’s winter Olympics despite testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Sports commentators called it a slap in the face to contestants playing clean, and the Olympics committee finally conceded that should Valieva earn a medal, she would not receive a victory ceremony.  This past July, a similar situation played out but received a drastically different public reaction.

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Practicancelled part one — the student perspective

 For nearly two years, classrooms in schools across the country have looked starkly different. Now, students are returning to classrooms that sat empty in exchange for their virtual counterparts. And while normalcy seems to be returning, the impact of this departure from the classroom is still felt, and not just by the children. 

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The SFB office is located in the Brower Student Center on the second floor, where board members can be found during office hours (Rishi Shah / Director of Operations).

Pause in SAF funding has implications for student orgs

Hafsah Shaik opened the email thinking it was just another ordinary update from the Student Finance Board (SFB), casually reading while sitting at work in the library. As she scanned through the email, though, her eyes widened as the gravity of the situation weighed down on her. She could read the words on the screen, but it didn’t seem to register them in her brain.  

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Team USA wins gold

By Julia DugganStaff Writer The U.S. won its first gold medal of the Olympic games in snowboarding on Feb. 9. Lindsey Jacobellis won her first gold medal ...

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(Kevin Hornibrook / News Editor)

Jersey Mike’s opens in Campus Town

Jersey Mike’s is a New Jersey staple for submarine sandwiches, with approximately two thousand franchise locations across the United States. The Shoppes at Campus Town, directly outside of the College’s campus, gave Jersey Mike’s another homecoming with a new location, which opened on Feb. 2. 

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The states allege that Navient, which services 25% of student loans in the U.S., worked with for-profit schools to issue loans to students who could not afford them(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt).

Student Loan Firm Navient Reaches Settlement to Cancel $1.7 Billion in Debt

Student loan provider Navient agreed in a settlement to wipe out $1.7 billion of debt and provide $95 million in restitution, following allegations from 39 states that it issued predatory and unfair loans to people who could not afford them. The agreement came on Jan. 13. Affected borrowers, totaling over 66,000, will have their loans cleared as a result of the settlement. 350,000 federal borrowers will also receive checks of $260 in restitution, according to the AP.

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(Photo courtesy of Netflix/Yana Blajeva)

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ (2022) review: Not worth the watch

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2022) is the newly released sequel to the 1974 classic of the same name. It follows a group of young influencers looking to revive the ghost town of Harlow, Texas nearly fifty years after the original film. However, the group quickly realizes that the town of Harlow is a ghost town for a reason, that reason being the chainsaw wielding Leatherface, who kills everyone who crosses his path.

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The 2022 Winter Olympics showcased how China efficiently handles Covid-19 and mimizies its spread through its Zero Covid Policy. Although effective, it is very unlikely that these guidelines could work in the United States (Navya Sinha).

OPINION: Why can't China's ‘Zero Covid Policy’ work in the states?

The 2022 Winter Olympics have been threatened by disease, doping scandals and diplomatic boycotts, just to name a few. But China has managed to pull the games off relatively smoothly so far...  With the nation being broadcast to millions of people worldwide, pressure was mounting to impress yet again, but this year, visitors wouldn’t be dazzled by new infrastructure and abundant wealth; those at the games would instead marvel at the strict and efficient way China has been dealing with Covid-19. 

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From a Basement is a satirical column written by Miss Misery. This fictional piece is about fraternities and hazing (Navya Sinha).

From a Basement: Campus fraternity proud to take a stand against hazing; emotional abuse on the other hand…

Disclaimer: This is a satirical piece and does not reflect real individuals or events. Concern regarding the dangers of hazing has been on the rise in recent years. With more individuals involved in Greek life, criticizing it as an outdated and sadistic tradition, fraternities and sororities have had no choice but to respond. A clear message was being sent: get with the times or get left behind.

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Amulya Veldanda holding a picture of her book (photo courtesy of Amulya Veldanda).

Alumna Amulya Veldanda self-publishes children’s book, ‘Cosmo Faces the Forest of Fears’

For Amulya Veldanda, a Class of 2018 graduate of the College who majored in biomedical engineering, reading and writing will always stay close to her heart. Ever since she learned to read, she would go to the library every day after school, indulging in numerous stories and rhymes. Veldanda may currently be a scientist at the Integra Lifesciences in Plainsboro, NJ, but her inner book-lover self has never withered. Now, she plans to self-publish her first children’s book “Cosmo Faces the Forest of Fears,” on Tuesday, March 1 — and she couldn’t be more thrilled.

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(Photo courtesy of IMDB)

‘Death on the Nile’ unfortunately falls flat

Directing and starring Kenneth Branagh, “Death on The Nile” was released in theaters on Feb. 11.  This film is a followup to the 2017’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” which, like “Death on the Nile’ is also based on an Agatha Christie novel. It also stars Gal Gadot, Emma Mackey and Armie Hammer. 

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Movie posters featured are “Belfast,” “The Power of the Dog,” “West Side Story” and “Drive My Car.” The directors of each of these films are nominated for Best Director (Photos courtesy of IMDB).

The Oscars 2022: predictions, reactions

The 2022 Oscar nominations were released on Feb. 8 and there has been a lot of buzz regarding who got nominated, as well as shock at who did not. The Oscars are a way to reflect on the films from the past year, and the awards give the more unseen roles in making a great film the recognition they deserve. I wanted to take some time today to talk about some of my favorite categories and give my predictions for who I think will win the Oscar in five of the most popular categories. 

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