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Thursday May 19th

What Were Watching On Netflix

(Navya Sinha / The Signal). 

OPINION: Climate scientists are fed up — you should be too

Civil disobedience regarding climate change has been on the rise. Last week, NASA scientist Peter Kalmus and his associates chained themselves to the entrance of the JP Morgan Chase building in Los Angeles in a quest to end climate change.  The group of researchers, known as Scientist Rebellion, was specifically protesting the investment bank’s massive funding of fossil fuels, the use of which threatens to destroy Earth.

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Efforts to combat the destruction of the environment have come to have a sense of urgency in recent years, with Reuters reporting that in 2021, deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest hit a 15-year high(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Climate change emerges as the critical issue in Brazil’s 2022 election

Discussions about combating climate change and environmental degradation in Brazil is becoming an integral part of the nation’s presidential race. The two candidates leading the polls in the upcoming election, according to data amalgamated by the Council of the Americas, are incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the former president who served from 2003 to 2011.

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The Chi Upsilon Chapter of Tri-Beta was inducted as the newest class of the Biological Honor Society (Myara Gomez / Staff Writer).

Beta Beta Beta: Induction Ceremony 2022

The Chi Upsilon Chapter of Beta Beta Beta, or Tri-Beta, the Biological Honor Society, had an induction ceremony on April 8. During the ceremony, 32 students received regular memberships, 14 students received an associate membership and 30 received honor cords.

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Ellie McCreesh is a primary prevention intern with AVI and was the event organizer for the workshop (Mario De Leon / The Signal).

AVI hosts sexuality workshop

Anti-Violence Initiatives (AVI) hosted a sexuality 101 workshop on April 7 in honor of sexual assault awareness month to provide the College community a safe space to discuss the components and nuances of sex, consent and expression of sexuality. 

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Bloomberg claims that among the economic effects such as rising unemployment rates and the closure of many small to mid-sized businesses that the war has created, inflation rates may exceed 20% in Ukraine.(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Russia's war to shrink Ukraine economy 45%

In a report released on April 10, The World Bank claimed that Ukraine’s economy will shrink by 45.1% this year due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, which has resulted in the closure of half of the country’s businesses, in addition to damage to a significant amount of vital infrastructure including roads, bridges, ports, and train tracks. As many citizens flee the country, unemployment rates rise while consumption levels decline. 

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According to Reuters, the plan consists of a four-tier alert system that moves from green to red. It begins with public announcements about conserving water, moving on to lessening water pressure and ending with rotating water cuts that could last up to 24 hours(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Santiago, Chile announces plan to ration water due to 13 year drought

Santiago, Chile has announced a new water rationing system as the country enters its 13th year of a harsh drought. The capital city is home to six million people. “A city can't live without water,” said Claudio Orrego, the governor of the Santiago metropolitan region. “And we're in an unprecedented situation in Santiago's 491-year history where we have to prepare for there to not be enough water for everyone who lives here.”

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(photo courtesy of IMDB)

‘Hard Cell’ features Catherine Tate playing six roles

“Hard Cell,” Netflix’s new six-part mockumentary about life in a women’s prison, was released on April 12. In addition to being the creator, co-writer and director of the show, Catherine Tate plays six different characters in the first season alone, including Laura, the prison’s governor, a wise-cracking guard named Marco, three separate inmates and a bitter mother who despises her incarcerated daughter. 

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(Photo courtesy of Rachel Castria)

Journalist-turned-filmmaker Jennifer Lin visits campus

Jennifer Lin, co-director of “Beethoven in Beijing,” came to the College on April 13 in the Library Auditorium to talk about the documentary she directed, produced and wrote. Before Lin co-directed the well-researched “Beethoven in Beijing,” she worked as a financial correspondent on Wall Street, a foreign correspondent in China for the The Philadelphia Inquirer and a national correspondent in Washington D.C. 

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According to The New York Times, at the scene, police discovered a hatchet, two more gas canisters and a jammed Glock handgun, which police believe could have saved lives(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

23 injured in mass shooting at a Brooklyn subway

Ten people were shot and another 13 were wounded after a mass shooting on a subway train in Brooklyn, NY. The suspect, Frank James, was arrested on April 13 and charged with a federal terrorism offense.  On April 12, James, dressed in a construction vest and helmet, put on a gas mask and tossed two smoke grenades on the floor of the N train and shot 33 bullets as it neared 36th St. station. He then fled the scene after shooting 10 people, five of whom were critically injured. Thirteen others were injured from smoke inhalation, panic attacks or falling down, according to the BBC. All victims are expected to survive, but the shooting traumatized many New Yorkers who were at the scene. 

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There is mounting evidence that Russia is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, war crimes can include the intentional attack on civilian populations, civilian objects or non-military buildings(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Evidence for war crimes in Ukraine increase as investigations continue

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has labeled Russia’s attacks against the Ukrainian people as war crimes. Given the murder and torture of hundreds of Ukrainian civilians, many countries, including the United States and Britain, have since echoed his sentiment. In light of this, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on April 6 in favor of a bill that proposes an investigation of war crimes committed by the Russian military. Specifically, the bill requests that President Joe Biden send a report to Congress regarding the U.S. Government’s efforts to collect evidence related to Russian war crimes since the start of the war.  

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The investigation is still far from over, but the committee has already produced a number of revelations about former President Donald Trump’s actions in the lead-up and aftermath of the insurrection, as well as the level of involvement of members of his inner circle in promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

January 6th Committee probes Ginni Thomas, investigates White House call sheet

After several months of subpoenas, testimony and evidence-gathering, the House Committee on the Jan. 6th Capitol Insurrection has cast an ever-expanding net over the governmental and non-governmental figures who played a part in planning, encouraging, or participating in the attack. The investigation is still far from over, but the committee has already produced a number of revelations about former President Donald Trump’s actions in the lead-up and aftermath of the insurrection, as well as the level of involvement of members of his inner circle in promoting conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election. Of these figures, the most potentially consequential has been Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, longtime conservative activist and wife of the senior-most member of the US Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas.

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