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Thursday May 19th

What Were Watching On Netflix

(Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash). 

OPINION: Amazon’s revolutionary union sets precedent in employee-centric economy

The Amazon Labor Union became the e-commerce company’s first-ever union last week when former Staten Island warehouse employee Chris Smalls succeeded in his long-developing plan of organizing against the goliath corporation. In a classic underdog scenario never before seen in the company’s history, an individual grassroots campaign, totally unaided by more established labor unions, was voted into existence. 

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(Picture Via @NFL on Instagram).

NFL free agency recap

By Kevin LongStaff Writer Dust Begins to SettleWith the Los Angeles Rams’ signing of LB Bobby Wagner, most of the highly anticipated free agency moves ...

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OPINION: The slap heard ‘round the world — Will Smith really slapped Chris Rock on national television

It’s not every day that the question “did you see the Oscars last night?” has little or nothing to do with the highly deserved and monumental awards. No, the 94th Academy Awards will unfortunately not be remembered for the first openly queer woman of color winning Best Supporting Actress, or the first deaf man winning Best Supporting Actor, or that Samuel L. Jackson had an Oscar presented to him by Denzel Washington. It will be remembered for Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in front of an international audience, sitting back down in his seat and less than an hour later, going right back up to receive a standing ovation for his Best Actor speech.

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The College’s parking predicament

Since the announcement of the solar panel project, there have been some unforeseen circumstances forcing the project into a delayed timeline. Parking lots that were closed one day were re-opened on another and closed back down the next day.

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According to The New York Times, Australian scientists used aerial photographs to examine the Great Barrier Reef and found extreme bleaching in 60% of the corals(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

Great Barrier Reef undergoes sixth mass bleaching event

A significant portion of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia suffered through its sixth mass bleaching effect, creating concern that the reef may not recover. Coral bleaching occurs when temperatures rise and the algae living inside reefs leave, causing corals to lose their food source and subsequently turn white. However, if temperatures cool for a long enough time, corals are able to recover. 

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