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Thursday May 19th

What Were Watching On Netflix

(Navya Sinha / The Signal)

OPINION: Ketanji Brown Jackson is not an Affirmative Action hire

When President Joe Biden announced he wanted his Supreme Court nominee to be a Black woman, he was met with overwhelming dissent. Conservatives rallied against Biden, claiming he would nominate a judge solely because of her race and gender without regard for her lesser-than qualifications, thereby admitting to thinking that a Black woman couldn’t have the same stellar education or career of the five white men who currently serve as justices. Biden nominated Ketanji Brown Jackson on Feb. 25, and since then the lawyer has received glowing endorsements from prominent Republican figures like J. Michael Luttig. Praise for her career and intellect are not unsubstantiated: Jackson is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School and served as editor of the Harvard Law Review. She has clerked for the Supreme Court and has had a successful career as a public defender and later as a federal judge. 

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The board's office at BSC 214. (Kevin Hornibrook / News Editor)

SFB: What is it?

To some students at the College, the Student Finance Board (SFB) is known as the organization that deals with student finances. The true function of the organization, the funding they provide and how the student body supports the organization through funding each semester is not exactly common knowledge. 

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(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

‘The Hand of God’ is a unique but beautiful mix of comedy, tragedy

“The Hand of God” is an Italian film that was recently nominated for best international feature film at the Oscars. It was directed by Paolo Sorrentino and released in the United States on Dec. 1. The film is set in 1980s Naples and follows Fabietto, played by Filippo Scotti, a teenager who is trying to find his place in the world as he deals with sudden but drastic loss. “The Hand of God” is almost entirely in Italian, with only a few scenes including English dialogue. 

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One of the first and only studies that have been performed involving illuminated fishing nets creates new opportunities for fishing companies to protect sea life(Image created by Lauren Schweighardt/Graphic Designer).

LED lights have potential in preventing fish net entanglement

Jesse F. Senko, an Arizona State University marine conservation biologist, recently performed a study on attaching green LED lights to fishing nets in gillnet fisheries and how it affects the amount of bycatch, or unwanted aquatic life, that is produced when actively fishing. NPR interviewed Senko about this global ecological issue and how his study affects it.  

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May, in the middle holding the peace sign, along with Kappa Theta Phi members at Six Flags Great Adventure (Instagram @kdptcnj).  

Class of 2022 seniors look ahead: what's next?

The start of the spring semester means that, for the class of 2022, graduation is just around the corner. Being prepared for graduation is ultimately what students work toward throughout their time at the College, bringing forth an array of emotions when the time finally comes.

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Members of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority at a bonding event (Photo courtesy of Kelly Biancamano).

Greek life returning to normalcy – but not without limitations

After a full year of activities that were completely dependent on the state of Covid-19, sorority life in Alpha Xi Delta (AXID) is finally shifting back to the way it was when junior Kelly Biancamano entered it: free of lagging screens, crashing computers and Zoom links.  “We had some Zoom events last semester, but not many people showed up,” Biancamano, an early childhood education and iSTEM major, said. “They all had Zoom fatigue.”

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The new SACNAS chapter is dedicated to increasing diversity in STEM at the College (

College establishes new SACNAS chapter to support diversity in STEM

“CELEBRATION, NOT ASSIMILATION.” The Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) website itself says it all. SACNAS is an organization that is dedicated to achieving true diversity in the STEM field. The organization focuses on helping build a community for a wide array of students from diverse backgrounds with an interest in the sciences. 

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The Online Practice Suite will allow preservice teachers to use simulations to practice holding mathematical discussions in the classroom (

Simulations in the classroom: Teaching the teachers

In the upcoming fall 2022 semester, School of Education students will have more opportunities to use virtual reality and simulation tools to further their own education. While simulations have been used at the College since 2018, the Online Practice Suite (OPS) allows preservice teachers to use a set of three different practice-based simulations to assist them in learning classroom methodologies in math and science. The OPS refers to the three different technologies that are part of a broader project that Drs. Cathy Liebars and Rachel Snider of the Mathematics and Statistics department are participating in.

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(Photo courtesy to Zoe Talbot/ President of TMT)

TMT stuns with ‘The Addams Family’

Performed for the first time by TCNJ Musical Theatre (TMT) on Feb. 24 in Kendall Hall, “The Addams Family” featured an array of entertaining dance numbers, flower petals and comedic scenes that kept audience members on their toes. The result was a standing ovation and rave reviews about everything from the talented performers to the realistic costumes they wore.

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