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Wednesday December 8th

Campus Style

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Julissa Alequin, Senior

Business Management Major

What are you wearing?

My accessories are Lucky Brand, jacket and shirt are from Aeropostale, the jeans are from Hollister and I think my shoes are from the Gap. I got the scarf from Macy’s, but I’ve worn it as a top before. My bag was a gift from Urban Outfitters.

Where do you typically shop?

I like Madewell, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. I shop at Macy’s a lot because I work there and get a good discount. I used to wear a lot of Aeropostale, but everyone started wearing it, so it turned me off.

Why is that?

I like to be the outsider. I always want to be the one that stands out. If I see someone wearing the same outfit, that takes away my shine.

Do you think you have a signature look?

No, my style changes all the time. One day I might have a nerdy look, another day I might go for a more comfortable look where I’ll wear a loose fitting jean and casual shirt and make it more feminine with an accessory or headband.

Where do you get your inspiration when putting outfits together?

I get the majority of my inspiration from the media. I am always inspired by people who look different from the rest.

Is there anyone who inspires you on this campus?

I don’t think fashion is a big thing at this college, but there are certain people who have very unique styles, and just by looking at them you can get a feel for who they are.

Do you have any fashion icons in particular?

I love Gwen Stefani’s style. She’s so different. I love L.A.M.B., but I can’t afford it yet. My aunt has also been a huge inspiration for me. She was always big on being unique. She used to talk to me about how great Tia and Tamera from “Sister, Sister” were because they always dressed outside of the box.


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