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Sunday March 26th

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Outfit Pictured: Jacket, vintage. Dress, vintage Delias. Tights, Sheertex. Shoes, Italian Boutique Casuccio Vincenzo. Earrings, Lucky Brand (Photo courtesy of Jessie Bodnar).

Campus Fashion: Sophia Alexis

As the younger sister of a College alumna who was featured in the original iteration of The Signal’s fashion column, I've taken to finding the best dressed students to revive the campus style section. On my way to a features section meeting in the very unfashionable halls of Forcina Hall, a pair of red leather pumps caught my eye. The legs attached belonged to Sophia Alexis, a senior psychology major currently interning for the College’s Am I Ok program. 

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(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

‘Scream’: not your average horror movie

As one of the longest-running horror film series of all time, “Scream” has had a monumental impact on the film industry since its original release in 1996. Even with the films covering a span of 27 years, there has not been another movie like it released. 

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(Graphic by Navya Sinha)

New and upcoming streaming releases

Let’s be real — life as a college student can get pretty busy. Between classes, internships, clubs and jobs, the to-do list can feel never-ending. Then there are those times when all you feel like doing is curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good show, and honestly, you deserve that. So when you find those moments when you don’t have to be here, there and everywhere, here is a list of upcoming streaming releases to get you through that sweet down time.

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