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Tuesday February 27th

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Mitski performed fan favorites, such as “Nobody,” “Washing Machine Heart,” “I Bet on Losing Dogs” and more during her first stop at The Met in Philadelphia. (Photo Courtesy of Jenna Rittman / Correspondent)

Mitski’s first night at The Met in Philadelphia

Around a month after Mitski released her recent album, “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We,” she announced that she was going on tour in the United States and Europe. She made two stops to The Met in Philadelphia for her tour. My friend and I were lucky enough to score tickets for the first night on Feb. 6.

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While the works of each artist vary in their portrayal of the theme, the group collectively conveys themes of mourning and solidarity. (Photo by Riley Eisenbeil / Staff Writer / “My Beautiful. Wife?” by Maria Kulikovska)

‘TWO YEARS GONE’: amplifying Ukrainian voices through art

The College’s Art Gallery recently unveiled its newest installation entitled “TWO YEARS GONE.” The group exhibition, curated by Dylan Siegel, features pieces from five contemporary Ukrainian artists who, through a variety of mediums, reflect on the psychological and physical stress of the ongoing war in Ukraine as it reaches its two-year mark. 

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(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons / The Conmunity - Pop Culture Geek, Feb. 24, 2012)

96th Oscars Predictions: Snubs, triumphs and flops

The nominees for the 96th Oscars awards were released at the end of January, with a myriad of incredible and deserving films being put up for nomination. Every film and person nominated for an award this year is extremely deserving of such an achievement, and their hard work is worthy of praise.

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“SNL 1975” will focus on the story of how these four comedians were able to bring to life the most famous late-night show in America. (Photo courtesy of IMDB)

Dylan O’Brien, Cory Michael Smith and Matt Wood join ‘SNL 1975’ cast

The story of “SNL 1975” focuses on the famous date of Oct. 11, 1975, in which four young and aspiring comedians were able to take the late-night show television industry by storm. This movie explains what truly happened the night that SNL began. The nightime cable show gave Americans something to look forward to every week — something that everyone could laugh at and have a good time watching. This showcases every moment in which Saturday Night Live was created and airing the first show of SNL. 

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