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Editor-in-Chief — Len La Rocca Editor-in-Chief — Len La Rocca

Len is a senior Journalism major and Health & Wellness minor at TCNJ. He got his start at The Signal as the Distribution Manager, delivering the newspaper during the day and covering events at night. 

He is excited to cover the return to campus life after a year and a half of dreary Covid-19 reporting. 

When Len isn’t working on The Signal, you could find him on a run, listening to music or watching his New York Jets lose (for now, at least).

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Managing Editor — Ian Krietzberg Managing Editor — Ian Krietzberg

Ian is a junior studying journalism and professional writing at TCNJ. He's been working with The Signal since Welcome Week of his freshman year and is incredibly excited to be starting his second semester as Managing Editor. 

When not working with The Signal, he finds a multitude of ways to keep busy, from baking cheesecake and bread, to creative writing, to the release of his debut piano solo EP. Whether it comes in the form of writing stories for The Signal, articles and interviews for, music or food, Ian is a passionate storyteller above all else.

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Managing Editor — Kalli Colacino Managing Editor — Kalli Colacino

Kalli is a senior journalism and marketing double major at TCNJ. She has been involved with The Signal since her freshman year, and is looking forward to serving as Managing Editor this semester.

When Kalli isn’t working on The Signal, she keeps herself busy by watching baseball (go Yankees), taking her dog for hikes and working for MMIT as a market research panel intern.

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News Editor — Rishi Shah News Editor — Rishi Shah

Rishi is a sophomore biology major who began writing for The Signal his freshman year and is thrilled to continue his role as News Editor this semester. 

He enjoys staying up to date on current events and national politics, with a particular focus on health policy and law. He is also an avid fan of philosophy, loves to drum, and enjoys playing tennis whenever he has free time (which isn’t often).

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News Editor — Sean Leonard News Editor — Sean Leonard

Sean is a junior biology major with a public health minor at TCNJ. He joined The Signal as a staff writer sophomore year and is excited to start his role as a News Editor this fall. 

Outside of The Signal, Sean spends his time playing on TCNJ’s club ice hockey team, keeping up with the New York Yankees, and finding good coffee.

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Arts & Entertainment Editor — Chelsie Derman Arts & Entertainment Editor — Chelsie Derman

Chelsie Derman is a junior journalism and professional writing major with a minor in English. She began writing for The Signal just a few weeks into her first semester of college. Since then, she landed the spots for Reviews Editor, Opinions Editor and Arts & Entertainment Editor. 

Outside of The Signal, Chelsie writes reviews and other entertainment news content as The Young Folks intern. She also enjoys writing her novel, seeing her Tri Sigma sisters or watching anything fantasy related. Chelsie looks forward to spending another exciting semester as the Arts & Entertainment Editor.

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Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor — Kristen Hunt Arts & Entertainment Assistant Editor — Kristen Hunt

Kristen Hunt is a sophomore Journalism & Professional Writing major with a love for fashion and pop culture. She started at The Signal her freshman year as a feature writer covering student-run businesses. She was also the columnist for ‘Some Good News,’ a features column that highlighted good deeds. She is honored to be holding her first editor position as Arts and Entertainment Assistant editor this semester.

When she’s not writing or editing for The Signal, Kristen enjoys sketching fashion designs, eating at new restaurants, or watching cheesy rom-coms. Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn and her favorite movie is “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Kristen can’t wait to collaborate with Chelsie on exciting and innovative ways to run the Arts and Entertainment section! 

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Features Editor — McKenzie Collins Features Editor — McKenzie Collins

McKenzie Collins is a sophomore english and journalism major with a minor in women, gender and sexuality studies. While she joined the College with the intent to become a teacher, her work at The Signal sparked her interest in the pursuit of a writing career. Due to her passion for upholding the College community, McKenzie is very excited to be working with such talented staff in the Features department. Her previous work includes writing for Opinions, Features, News, and Arts and Entertainment, as well as editing for the Nation and World section. 

In her free time, McKenzie can be found writing for the TCNJ chapter of Her Campus, fueling her Marvel obsession, or reading an abnormal amount of books. She is also an active member of both Sigma Sigma Sigma and WILL. McKenzie aspires to break into the publishing field and is overjoyed to have this opportunity.

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Opinions Editor — Elliott Nguyen Opinions Editor — Elliott Nguyen

Elliott is a junior Journalism and Professional Writing major. He started at the Signal writing occasional pieces in the Fall 2019 semester, then became a staff writer for News in the Spring of 2020. He is looking forward to building up the Opinions section and making it a space where students across campus can share their thoughts and create meaningful discussions.

When he’s not working for the Signal, you can find Elliott most days at Green Lane Fields practicing with TCNJ’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team, for which he serves as one of the Recruitment & Retention chairs. Otherwise, he enjoys playing guitar, finding unique board games and taking naps in unorthodox places.

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International Editor — Mike Sherr International Editor — Mike Sherr

Mike is a Sophomore Political Science Major with a minor in Environmental Studies. He started writing for The Signal in the fall of 2020, covering Student Government and Student Finance Board, and is excited to work as the International Editor this semester. 

Outside of The Signal, Mike loves to play music with the TCNJ music department and going on hikes with the Outdoors Club.

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Sports Editor — Jordyn Sava Sports Editor — Jordyn Sava

Jordyn is a senior Communications major with a focus in Public Communication and Mass Media, as well as a minor in Journalism. As a transfer student, Jordyn has yet to have a semester on campus without COVID-19. She started as a staff-writer for The Signal during Spring 2020, and covered a wide range of sports and mental-health related topics. Now, she is super excited to watch some live events and edit stories about the Lions big wins!

Outside of writing and editing for The Signal, you can find Jordyn grabbing coffee at Dunkin Donuts, hanging out with her sisters at Alpha Xi Delta events, or watching her favorite shows, Criminal Minds and Big Brother. Jordyn is thrilled to be working for The Signal during her final semester at the College!

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Web Editor  — Sterly Deracy Web Editor — Sterly Deracy

Sterly’s experience with websites started his freshman year of high school, where he created a new website for the local robotics team and for the school. He enjoyed doing this kind of work, so he researched the tools needed for the web development industry and dove into the world of freelance. Not every website is built the same, and so this always provides a fun challenge with each customer. Even now working with the Signal for two years, there are still things left to learn. He will ensure that The Signal is running smoothly with the latest technologies.

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Social Media Editor — Gabby Servis Social Media Editor — Gabby Servis

Gabby is a senior Industrial/Organizational Psychology major with a minor in Marketing. This is her third semester working with The Signal as their Social Media Editor. She has lots of experience in managing social media, marketing, and graphic design. Gabby went to vocational school for Design and Visual Communications, where she learned various tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. Then, she completed two internships: one being Digital Marketing and the other being Sports Marketing/Social Media. Her favorite part about working with The Signal is being able to showcase our stories in a creative way!

Outside of The Signal, she loves to watch football and reality TV. Her favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs and her favorite shows are Big Brother and The Challenge. A fun fact about Gabby is that she never goes a day without coffee.

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Business Manager — Brandon Schoch Business Manager — Brandon Schoch Brandon Schoch is a sophomore studying Economics and Finance at TCNJ. He began working for The Signal in 2020, joining the team as Business Manager. As a new addition to the paper, he strives to create an immediate positive impact, helping the group achieve its goals. Outside of working for the Signal, Brandon takes a stark interest in climate literacy, nutrition, and physical fitness. When finding time to relax, Brandon plays with his dogs, watches hours of NFL football (Go Jets), and spends time with family and friends.

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