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Wednesday December 1st

Campus Style - Adriana Sisko

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What are you wearing?

I’m wearing a cowl neck metallic gold dress from Forever 21, metal bracelet from a thrift store in Pennsylvania, gold skull earrings from Hot Topic, tights from Target, platform wedge heels from TJ Maxx, and my necklace is from Red, White, and Blue, a thrift store in Ewing.

You have a bit of a gothic look.

I’m into gothic fashion, but I wouldn’t consider myself full-out gothic fledgling. I like clothes that are different and stand out. I really like the fashion of a lot of Japanese rock bands. I was raised on Tim Burton movies, so that might have had an effect. I’ve seen all of his movies.

Do you have a favorite?

My favorite movie of his is Sleepy Hollow. I like the time period it’s set in, early America, with big, corset dresses. The clothing is what I like most about it. I really like clothes that are decadent and have a lot going on, in terms of frills and lace. I guess I just like things that are over the top.

Do you portray this early American period in your own clothing?

It’s more Victorian-inspired. I have a lot of ruffles, and lace, and frills. I don’t wear much clothing that is super-modern. You’ll never see me wearing a tee shirt. I don’t even own any.

Have you always dressed this way?

Starting my sophomore year of high school was my more “goth” phase, where I’d always wear black. And then I realized you can dress really feminine and still be sort of “out there.” When I was a freshman in high school, I was really shy. And then one day I stopped caring what people thought, and I started dressing differently. I feel like people limit themselves too much in what they wear in a shy why. They just don’t want to hear any negative comments, so they don’t wear exactly what they want to. I just wish people could be more outgoing in what they wear.

What are your inspirations?

Japanese rock bands (Malice Mizer) and Lady Gaga is so fucking cool. They’re fearless about what they wear and they push boundaries as to what is acceptable to wear.

Where do you like to shop?

I love thrift stores, because you can find stuff there that no one else is going to wear.

How would you feel if someone was wearing the same dress as you?

That’s happened one time before. But I looked better in it, so it wasn’t a problem. But I guess if you shop at Forever 21, that’s what happens.


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