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Sunday November 28th

Campus Style

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Cate Moore (left), Junior Nursing major
Taryn Rodgers (right), Senior Nursing major

What are you wearing?

Cate: I’m wearing Frye boots that I got for my birthday, army green pants from J. Crew, a sweater from Urban Outfitters and a vest from Liz Milnes’ (my suitemate’s) (collection). I’m also wearing tortoise shell Ray Ban wayfarers, a bracelet from Italy and clarinet and electric guitar silly bands. No matter what I’m wearing, I wear my pearl earrings.

Taryn: I’m wearing a shirt from the Gap, this is my mom’s necklace that I turned into a bracelet, pants from J. Crew, Steve Madden shoes, sunglasses from Cate’s (collection), my bag is Longchamp and a bobby pin from CVS.

You two seem to have similar looks. How would you classify your styles?

Cate: I would say that I like classic pieces. This fur vest is a little out of the ordinary for me, but I also like things that are more in-style and up-to-date. I like trendy pieces combined with classic things, like my boots.

Taryn: I also like classic pieces that are timeless. I don’t like things that are too trendy. I only buy things that I know in 10 years will still look good.

Do you help each other put together outfits?

Cate: We like to pull each other’s looks, whether we’re going to class, having a latte at the café or a night on the town. We get inspiration from each other.

Taryn: It’s fun living with your friends and sharing clothes. We want to get one of those clothing racks and just put it in the middle of our common room in our apartment.

What if one of you happened to be wearing something the other can’t stand?

Cate: We would tell each other. Like I asked her if this vest makes me look fat, and she said no.

Taryn: But I secretly wanted to say yes. Just kidding.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Cate: I think it’s fun to read magazines and look at what’s on the runway, but in the end, you have to tone it down a bit and tailor it to what looks good on you.

Taryn: For example, is it really practical to walk around the (College) campus in heels? No, but it’s fun. It makes you feel better if you look put-together. Your appearance does send a message to other people, whether you want to believe it or not.

What are some looks that you two really can’t stand?

Taryn: I hate when girls wear clothes that are too small for them. Buy something the next size up, cut out the size tags, and you’ll forget what the size is in a month. Also, cleavage is only for the nighttime. Don’t be in the library with your boobs hanging out.

Cate: I can’t stand when girls wear leggings that you can see their butt through. Like, if you’re gonna buy leggings, buy a quality pair. Also, anything with a brand name on it is tacky.

What does your wardrobe consist of?

Cate: Classic things. I have a lot of neutral tones. My new favorite things are my boots that I got for my 21st birthday. I wear them with everything. I like stripes, and navy is probably my favorite color for clothes.

Taryn: No patterns, just all solid colors, and stripes. I like the nautical look for the summer. I love fun flats. Sometimes, I like to wear clothes that make me look like I went running, but I didn’t.

Do you have any style icons?

Cate: I like Kate Moss. She’s very versatile and she always looks put-together. She’s feminine but also has an edge to her.

Taryn: I was obsessed with Audrey Hepburn when I was little. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will always be my favorite movie.


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