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Sunday November 28th

Campus Style: Alex Delany

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Alex Delany
Freshman Graphic Design Major

What are you wearing?

A white oxford button-down from UNIQLO, khaki slim-cut chinos from J.Crew, green UNIQLO socks, brown leather cap toe oxfords from Cole Haan, Tissot brown leather watch, green and brown web belt from L.L. Bean, shadow plaid scarf from L.L. Bean, peacoat from UNIQLO and my bag is Levis.

Where do you typically shop?

I go to New York City to do most of my shopping. I usually go to the SoHo/Tribeca/Chelsea area. UNIQLO is probably my favorite shop. In Tribeca, they have this J.Crew liquor store. ?It used to be a liquor store and they converted it into a J.Crew men’s shop. It’s a really cool little place.

How does your interest in graphic design influence your clothing choices?

My style is simple, not flashy and kind of understated and that translates into art. Simplicity is one of the staples of graphic design.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The city is obviously a big influence. For graphic design, I’m really into street art … graffiti, stencils, posters. ?When I go to the city, I like to observe a lot of that kind of stuff, as well as what people are wearing.

Anywhere else?

I follow a lot of fashion blogs, and I have a Tumblr. ?The Sartorialist (blog) is one of my favorites, as well as put this on and The Life and Times of C. Benjamin, both of which are Tumblrs. ?My Tumblr is not strictly fashion, it’s kind of just whatever I want to put on there. ?A lot of it is movie reviews, music and general thoughts about life.

Do you plan on incorporating fashion into a career in graphic design?

Working for GQ or Esquire or any men’s fashion magazine would be a dream job.

Any style tips for the College’s male population?

Don’t try too hard, just go with what you know. ?When people try to dress up, they’ll put on the electric green shirt and white tie — don’t be that guy. ?Keep it understated, but at the same time, do your thing.

What is something you’d like to see females wear more of?

I’m very fond of pencil skirts. I think they look great. ?I also like brown leather boots. ?I have this weird thing for brown leather. I think there’s something very beautiful about it.

Any women’s trends you really can’t stand?

If anything, I think a lot of women wear scarves the wrong way.?They kind of just wear a scarf to wear a scarf, not to compliment their outfit.

You are always dressed up. ?Do you ever dress down?

Not really. The most dressed down I go is jeans and a V-neck. I like to dress stylishly, not fashionably. ?I think there’s a big difference between the two.

Anything you’re eyeing for spring?

Spring will be the big boat shoe flair and handcuffed khakis. I have a pair of khakis sitting in my room right now, but they’re too short to wear, so I can’t wait to roll them up. ?And not wearing socks — that’s a big thing I love about spring.


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