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Monday December 6th

Campus Style

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Now that the cool weather has finally arrived, it’s time to embrace autumn’s endless style opportunities. To make the most of the mild climate and maximize your wardrobe’s potential, get creative through trial and error. Applying the formula “print, texture, fit” will yield a multitude of stylish and balanced ensembles.

Read the fine print. Use one print or pattern as your outfit’s statement piece. Take note from fall Fashion Week 2013, which advertised military-inspired camo, classy houndstooth and sophisticated leopard prints. Not a fan of loud patterns? Capture the same bold effect by pairing solids with the same color, but different tones. This monochromatic trend in oxblood red or chambray blue will give any patterned look a run for its money.

Textured beginnings. Since autumn is a texture-rich season, play up different fabrics and materials. Pair two or more pieces of different textures to add character and variety to any look. Try out the following: crushed velvet and denim, delicate silk and cotton, lycra and tartan wool or worn-flannel and leather. Each combination will have a unique result, so feel free to use your imagination!

How fitting. As chilly weather makes way for layering, it is important to remember the third element of style — fit. This may be a delicate balancing act. If the lower half of your body is concealed with fabric, such as a maxi skirt, wear a fitted tank to expose your shoulders. Similarly, pair tight leggings or jeans with a bulky sweater, or don a tight shirt with loose-fitted boyfriend jeans. Maintaining your outfit’s equilibrium will create an even and proportional silhouette.

So even if you’re not taking a chemistry class this semester, get innovative and conduct experiments within your own wardrobe! Varying the print, texture and fit of outfits will create inspiring looks all season long.


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