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Sunday December 5th

Campus Style

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It’s not often that you can adopt the identity of Two-Chainz, a giant banana or Catwoman without raising some eyebrows along the way. Herein lies the sheer excitement of Halloween —the one day when we can forget social norms and allow creativity to guide our outfit choices. If you’re like most college students, costume selection involves frantically searching your dorm room for random articles of clothing and supplies. Fear not! Before you rip the sheet off your bed and decide to go as a ghost, consider the following:

Catch some game: Wear a flannel or camouflage shirt with a pair of blue jeans and boots to be a “Duck Dynasty” dude. If you’re too short on time to grow a beard, get creative with cotton balls or a wig to mimic some serious facial flow. Top off the look by carrying around a rubber duck or gallon of iced tea.

Blurriest lines: If you want to go as Miley Ray Stewart’s alter, alter ego, wear a cheap crop top with a pair of shorts. Style your hair in those funky little buns, rep combat boots and throw on a foam finger to perfect the costume. Get a friend to wear a black suit or allblack ensemble. Decorate the outfit with stripes of white duct tape sold at most craft or department stores. Be the encore that no one at the VMAs wanted.

Blow them away: Show up to the party as New Jersey’s most recent archenemy, Hurricane Sandy. Grab a clear poncho from any local convenience store and draw a map of New Jersey on the front. Glue a spiral of cotton balls over the map to replicate the storm clouds. WARNING: This costume may provoke locals to spill their drink on you throughout the course of the night.


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