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Sunday November 28th

Tan May satisfies Chinese food hankering

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Chinese food is a staple in the lives of most college students. Whether you’re sick of Eickhoff or need a late-night snack, an order of chicken and broccoli is less than an hour away. But all Chinese food is not created equal, which is why I’m going to tell you about the best Chinese place near the College: Tan May.

I’ve had my fair share of Chinese food in my college career and have tried nearly every place around here, but Tan May has always been my favorite. I decided to order again just to confirm, and it didn’t disappoint.

I went with the classic General Tso’s chicken dish, which consists of fried, boneless chicken pieces with broccoli and General Tso’s sauce. I’ve never met General Tso, but he’s doing it right.

The filling meal came with an order of white rice, which I mixed with the chicken. I also ordered crab rangoon as a side, which is a wonton with crabmeat and cheese.

As expected, the chicken was phenomenal. The crunch of the chicken was perfect —not too crunchy and unappetizing, but enough to improve the texture of the chicken. Drenched in General Tso’s sauce, the chicken was a gift. I’m a big fan of mixing in the rice with it. The different flavors and textures complement each other, creating great taste.

For those of you who haven’t tried crab Rangoon, I recommend it. The crunch of the wonton mixed with the crabmeat/cheese combo is somewhat reminiscent of a soft, yet crunchy, potato chip with a cheesy dip.

As if the meal wasn’t tasty enough, it was so much food that I could barely eat half of it, which led me to place it in my fridge for a future meal. Therefore, I got two meals for the price of one — not a bad deal in my book.

Sure, takeout Chinese food isn’t the highest of quality, but when you’re a college student on a budget, it’s often the best option. And if you want the best of the best, call up Tan May.


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