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Sunday November 28th

Campus Style

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By Jordan Koziol and Heather Hawkes

Hwang and Tan say that having your own, personal style is key. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)

Sophomore psychology major Ji Hwang and sophomore nursing major Isabelle Tan tell us about their fashion inspiration, their celebrity style icon and their worst fashion faux pas.

Do you two use each other for outfit inspiration at all?
Absolutely, we go into each other’s closets and share all of our clothes.

What do you do when you have one of those “I have nothing to wear” moments?
JH: I have a bunch of basic clothing, so it’s easy to create something new by pairing different things together.
IT: I love layering. It lets you combine a bunch of simple clothing to create something dimensional.

What’s your favorite article of clothing?
JH: Definitely leggings. You can virtually pair them with anything and be comfortable at the same time.
IT: I am obsessed with knee-high socks. They pull any look together.

If you could pick any celebrity as your fashion icon, who it would it be?
IT: Recently I’ve been really intrigued by Emma Roberts’s fashion sense in “American Horror Story.”

What’s your best piece of personal fashion advice?
JH and IT: Stick with basic clothing and use layers to create a look that is completely your own.

Favorite color combination?
JH: Black on black on black.
IT: I love maroon and mustard together.

Where do you like to shop?
IT: I like to pick pieces from a variety of stores. Lord and Taylor always has a good selection of Urban and Free People, but at half the price.

Quick! You woke up late and have five minutes to get ready for class. What do you wear?
IT: Leggings paired with a big sweater, high socks, boots and a cute scarf. Works every time.

What was your worst middle school fashion mistake?
JH: I feel like there are so many. I would wear long sleeves with a short-sleeved T-shirt over it every day. Oh, and gaucho pants were the worst.



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