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Wednesday September 28th

Campus Style

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By Jordan Koziol and Heather Hawkes

Sophomore finance major Billy Pekarsky and sophomore political science major P.J. Simonelli are sharp-dressed best friends and roommates, making the College their runway one day at a time.

Who is your style inspiration?

PJ: Ron Burgundy from “Anchorman.” He wears great burgundy suits, just like the one I have on.

Billy: My floormates, Zach Vasilenko and Billy Schwartz. They can pull off great looks with jean material.

Roommates Pekarsky and Simonelli both have a unique style. (Jordon Koziol / Columnist)

Favorite piece in your wardrobe?

PJ: I like eclectic pieces of clothing, so probably any one of my unique Hawaiian shirts. I also like suits because people take me more seriously.

Billy: I like hat-wear. My go-to accessory is a bucket hat.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

PJ: Goodwill in Trenton.

Billy: Macy’s.

How old were you when your mom stopped picking out your outfits and you started wearing your own creations?

Billy: The second grade. It was time to be a man.

PJ: She actually picked this out.

What is your style mantra?

PJ: “I hope people don’t give me weird looks today in this.”

Billy: “It’s fine, as long as PJ is wearing something weirder than I am.”

We have been noticing a lot of guys getting creative with their sock choices. Do you have a favorite pair or material you like to sport?

Billy: Argyle socks.

PJ: Definitely wool for the winter.

As roommates, do you inspire each other?

PJ: Yes. Billy and I both have an affinity for unique clothing. We egg each other on with bolder pieces. Right now we are wearing suits, but we definitely shake it up sometimes.








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