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Thursday October 6th

Campus Style

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Pick your jewelry wisely. (

We’ve all done it. We try on a piece of jewelry, look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder if it pushes the outfit over the top. Many times, it’s hard to determine where the fine line is between just enough and way too much. Jewelry is meant to accent your ensemble — to give it a little extra pop of color or texture. Too often, we see a “crowding out effect,” if you will, where the jewelry overshadows the clothing and weighs down the outfit all together. The key here is balance.If you’re wearing a bold pattern or texture. Stay away from chunky or bright jewelry. Instead, try a simple pair of studded earrings to have a little flashy flare without overpowering the ensemble.

Wearing a very basic black or solid color outfit. Don’t be afraid to adorn yourself with a crazy jewelry centerpiece. A wide bib of colorful beads may be just what the fashion police ordered to bring your outfit to the next level.

The plunging neckline. Some think that with all of that bare skin showing, you need a bold necklace to accentuate and balance it out. Personally, we are on the other end of the spectrum that says go ahead! Show some skin and don’t feel like you need to cover it up. Sometimes a bare neckline is the greatest accent piece of all. Instead, you can jewel it up with a pair of dangling earrings or flashy studs.

Food for thought. Pearl earrings are one of our favorite go-to pieces. They add a nice classy touch to any ensemble whether it be casual or red-carpet ready.

As far as rings and bracelets go, we say mix them up. We are big fans of the eclectic trend of bulking up on all different kinds of rings and bangles. However, if you have a black tie event, cut down on the bulkiness and stick with simplicity.



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