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Sunday September 25th

Chinese New Year

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The Chinese Students Association brings a New Year’s celebration to the Lion’s Den. A lion dance, a New Year’s tradition, is performed. (Colleen Murphy / Features Editor)

To ring in the Lunar New Year, the Chinese Students Association (CSA) hosted the Chinese New Year Celebration on Thursday, Feb. 20.

To kick off the festivities, some fun facts and a brief background of the New Year were given. Then, to chase away evil spirits and ghosts, a lion dance was held.

The night also featured performances of Taiko drums, Chinese traditional long-sleeve dance and Chinese yo-yo. Ewing’s Southern Shaolin Kung fu Academy also displayed some Kung fu moves.

And, of course, there was a ton of Chinese food served throughout the event.

“We hope that the students had fun while learning about the culture and some of the aspects of Chinese New Year,” sophomore biology major and CSA secretary Stephanie Yong said. “Our biggest goal is to get the whole campus and the community to be more interested and involved in Chinese culture.”


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