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Sunday September 25th

More reasons to workout

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The gym was packed all throughout January, as people laced up their sneakers from Santa and went out to conquer their New Year’s resolutions. But will the motivation last until the end of February? March? The year? While many people fall out of the fitness habit just as quickly as they fall into it, there are many reasons why you should push through and continue to workout — and the reasons go beyond losing weight.

1. Better skin. Many people think sweat is pretty gross and slimy (and it is), and that it can make acne-prone or greasy skin even worse. But it’s actually just the opposite. Sweat drags impurities and bacteria out of your skin when it otherwise would have been trapped and caused pimples. Be sure to never wear makeup to the gym because it can actually prevent all this bad stuff from leaving your pores. Wash your face immediately after the gym and within weeks, watch your body get toned and your skin get clear.

2. It makes you happy and can lead to better grades. Working out releases endorphins, which can greatly boost both your mood and concentration. So if you think that daunting exam coming up is a reason not to go to the gym, it’s actually just the opposite.

3. It promotes you to make better choices. If you just spent a grueling hour on the treadmill, in a yoga class or hitting the weights, why counteract that hard work by scarfing down 10 Eick cookies as soon as they come out of the oven? Sure, some exercise may give you leverage for one or two, but statistics show that people who workout are more inclined to make other healthier habits, including those regarding their diet.

Going to the gym offers so much more than weight loss. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)

The benefits of frequent workout sessions stretch far beyond looking great. What’s the point in looking good if you feel terrible? Working out gives you the opportunity to do both — and then some!


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