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Wednesday September 28th

Olympics by the numbers

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The Olympic Games are finally here this week. The fight to the podium will begin Thursday, Feb. 6, with preliminary rounds of snowboarding, freestyle skiing and figure skating. Then, on Friday, Feb. 7, Russia welcomes the world into its country and officially kicks off the Games with the Opening Ceremony.

$50 billion: Amount of money that Russian President Vladimir Putin has spent on hosting the Olympics.

230: Number of athletes representing our country. This is the most that any country has sent to the Winter Games. We have 105 women and 125 men competing.

38: States that are being represented.

45: Age of women’s curler Ann Swishelm, the oldest U.S. Olympian on this year’s team.

15: Age of freestyle skier Maggie Voisin, the youngest U.S. Olympian on this year’s team.

26: The average age for the U.S. team.

22: Members of the U.S. Olympic team who have children. There are 19 fathers and three mothers.

Seven: Athletes who serve in the U.S. Army’s World Class Athlete Program.

One: Sets of twins on the U.S.’s team — women’s ice hockey players Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux.

Six: Sets of siblings on Team USA.

1,500: Hours of coverage across six NBCUniversal platforms.

Last Winter Games in Vancouver, the U.S. led the medal count with 37 medals with Germany taking home 30 and Canada earning 26. Let’s see if we can top that this year. Which we probably will because, come on, we’re America.


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