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Thursday September 29th

The one and only Lil’ Kim is having a lil’ baby

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Kelly wants another reunion. (AP Photo)

The former rapper/current train wreck announced the news at an after party for MAC Cosmetics in New York. She also revealed she does not know the baby’s gender. Lil’ Kim loves surprises, especially when they have nothing to do with affidavits and court hearings. No definitive word yet on who the baby daddy is. Hopefully it’s Nicki Minaj.

In not shocking news, Kelly Rowland revealed she cries when she listens to Beyoncé’s album. If Kelly is crying, I’m sure Michelle Williams is worse off and hanging off a ledge. The singer also revealed she’s open to a Destiny’s Child reunion, although none of them have talked about it. Probably because they do not have Beyoncé’s number. It’s OK, Kelly. Your people will talk to Beyoncé’s people who will promptly refer them to the curb.

Batman has more to look out for than just Bane. (AP Photo)

Martha Stewart is ready for some Bale, and this time it’s not for jail. The home-goods guru/former felon revealed she’s got an eye for Christian Bale after recently watching “American Psycho.” I knew watching a man covered in blood wielding a chainsaw is what gets Martha going — that and potpourri. She also confessed she was into Ryan Gossling for a while. Do you hear that, boys? You can spend a wonderful evening at the Stewart household. Just don’t let her handcuff you. Something tells me she still has a pair.


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