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Wednesday September 28th

A helpful reminder for semester packing

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By Mylin Batipps
News Assistant

This week marks the start of another fall semester at the College. Streets were filled with bins and boxes, new keys and many new roommates. Unfortunately, despite cars being filled to the very brim, it’s easy to forget some of the most useful items:

When packing for an entire semester, it’s easy to leave something important behind. (Created by Danielle McDermott)


It’s a press-ing issue when you don’t have one of these bad boys and you’re trying to keep it classy in the classroom. So get a nice iron off the rack at your local Target, pack it in your bag and take it with you to your dorm. The days of running from door to door at the last minute asking your floor mates to borrow one will be behind you. And with access to your own, you’ll be blowing off steam in no time.


Has the weather rained on your parade at school? Have you been storm-ing to class in the downpour to prevent yourself from getting wet, only to get even more soaked? For these reasons, it wouldn’t hurt to take an umbrella with you on your journey back to campus. Not a single drop will fall on you when you’re walking to class, and no longer will you have to worry about the weather stealing your thunder.


It’s always fun to push the envelope when it comes to sending unique birthday cards to your loved ones from campus — until you realize you don’t have any trace of stamps on you. Save the money and frustration by packing plenty in your bag. Instead of running around frantically and asking your friends for one, you’ll stay calm and stationary with your stationery.

Board/card games

Boggle your friends’ minds by bringing tons of games to school this year. Whether they’re children’s classics, like Mouse Trap and Candy Land, or games that more adult-friendly, like Cards Against Humanity, you’ll be spending your downtime in the best way possible. Perhaps you could even play a game of checkers to get some things off your chess.

First-Aid kit

If this didn’t make the cut on your list of things to bring last year, you probably paid the price for it. It’s always good to have one of these nearby just in case you get a paper cut from dealing with your files or your head starts aching from hours of work. With proper care, you can continue the semester like the injury never happened and give yourself a pad on the back.

Now that you have these items noted, check your closet sorters and duffle bags and make sure you have these items with you before heading back home for Labor Day weekend.


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