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Thursday September 29th

A good visit and a great brunch at Café 72

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By Jenna Ryan

When the options at the College start getting dull, head on over to Café 72. Don’t get me wrong I like Eick, but they don’t have cannoli cream French toast with Nutella syrup or ham, fig and mozzarella grilled cheese.

Café 72 offers delicious twists on traditional brunch and a cozy atmosphere to enjoy the company of family and friends. (Photos courtesy of Jenna Ryan)

My family really loves food — cooking and eating together is one of the things I miss most about home. So when my mother and grandmother were coming to visit, it was never a question that we would go out to eat. The only question was where. I decided on Café 72 because it is less than 15 minutes from the College, the menu looked interesting and the atmosphere casual.

Located right next to a barbershop on a busy road, my first impression wasn’t all that favorable. But upon entering the well-appointed room, including self-seating, I found the booth we selected was comfortable and afforded ample space for the three members of my party. But at peak hours, the small space might be an issue, so keep this in mind should you decide to go.

Café 72 serves breakfast and lunch from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily. I ordered the pepper and egg sandwich, and my guests ordered the grilled shrimp salad (a daily special) and the fig waffle. We also ordered the sweet potato tater tots to share, because no meal is complete without something fried.

Within enough time for us to chat and catch up a bit, but not so much time that we were looking around wondering where our food was, our meals came, no more than approximately 15 minutes after ordering. My sandwich was perfect, with eggs and warm green peppers and some potatoes on top as well, which added an unusual twist to a somewhat conventional meal. The waffle entrée should have been billed as a dessert, with the fig and cannoli cream so sweet that adding syrup rendered the dish cloying. The grilled shrimp salad, though, was phenomenal. The dish was nicely balanced with shrimp, strawberries, walnuts and a delicious strawberry dressing. All of the food we ordered looked and tasted fresh.

Overall, I was very pleased with the delicious food, the waiter who was extremely friendly and the facilities, which were very clean. I will definitely be dining here again.

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, don’t judge a book by its cover — open the door, venture into Café 72 and you will find a restaurant full of delightful dishes. Wishing you a week full of delicious bites!


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