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Thursday September 29th

Kim's Declassified: Let’s not get healthy, Eickhoff edition

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By Kimberly Ilkowski
Review Editor

We had a nice run. We tried the chicken in our salads and heck, we even woke up early to get in a hearty breakfast before class. Unfortunately, this motivation probably only lasted a week or so at most. Even with all its possible health conscious selections, Eickhoff also has the ingredients to concoct some insanely awesome, and outrageously not healthy meals. But hey, we all have those tough days and deserve to smother everything we eat in molten hot queso. As standup comedian Louis C.K. once famously quipped, “The meal isn’t over when I’m full; the meal is over when I hate myself.”

Bacon … Bacon Everywhere: Name a food and I’ve probably seen a kid put copious amounts of bacon bits from the salad bar on top of it. Whether it’s sprinkled on a hot and fresh slice of pizza or scooped onto a heaping plate of nachos, bacon bits are any meal’s crunchy companion. You may end up consuming your total calories for the day in one sitting but as long as you don’t keel over during your physics lab an hour later, then you’ve made it out of Eick victorious.

The Grill Late-Night Style: French fries are served daily at the Grill but some dare to go the extra mile by heading to Roscoe’s Tacos to drench their fries in nacho cheese. Take a note from midnight snack connoisseur Fat Shack by placing your cheese fries right on your hamburger for a stacked sandwich. Follow up this meal by taking a six-hour nap and avoiding the responsibilities of being an adult, since you clearly don’t know how to eat like one.

For Your Sweet Tooth: Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the real most important meal of the day: dessert. But you’ll have to try out this combination in the morning when Quimby’s Kitchen is serving up fresh Belgian waffles with the College’s mascot (formerly the insignia) pressed right in. Once you’ve acquired said waffle, stroll by the Bliss Bakery to the soft serve machine and voila! You have yourself a beautiful ice cream and waffles plate that’s the ultimate breakfast of champions.

We may not always have stellar wifi connection, but we damn well have the best waffles in the state. (Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Ilkowski)


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