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Sunday September 25th

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By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol

This week we caught up with junior political science major Catherine Tung, who is studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic!

Q: What do you wear on a typical day in Prague?

A: Usually dark wash jeans, paired with low-ankle booties and a large knit sweater with a warm vest. Scarves and layers are also slowly becoming essentials, as temperatures drop in Central and Eastern Europe.

Q: How do native students dress for class?

A: Definitely a lot more fancy and stylish than American students. Custom-fitted coats and cropped blazers are very popular, and everything is tailored perfectly to their bodies. You’ll never see someone stroll into class wearing a baggy top and loose sweatpants.

Q: Are there any definite faux pas in Europe that Americans wear?

A: It’s super easy to spot out Americans. There are certain “trends” that Europe would never adopt, such as men in basketball shorts and running shoes or women in light-wash ripped jeans and flip-flops. Americans are far more casual and careless in how they dress themselves.

Q: Out of the places you have traveled to so far, which city is the most stylish?

A: That’s a tough one, because all of Europe is so fashion-forward. But, if I had to choose one, I’d definitely say Paris. The city’s style is elegant yet effortless – or better known as “Parisian chic.”

Q: What would you recommend a student pack for studying abroad?

A: If there’s one thing to overpack, it’s clothing. But fashion aside, definitely pack a nice camera or a GoPro. iPhones suffice in emergency cases, but to really document your experiences abroad (because trust me, it flies), professional photos and videos are the way to go.


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