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Wednesday September 28th

Echoes: Prague, a city like no other

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By Neil Nadpara

Neil on the Charles Bridge (Neil Nadpara / Blogger)

When people think of Europe, the first cities that come to mind are London, Paris, and Rome. I believe Prague should be included in that list. Prague is one of the biggest hidden gems in Europe, if not the world. As I have travelled to other major European cities such as Rome, Vienna, Munich, and Amsterdam, my love for Prague has gotten even fonder. Prague is a city unlike any other and it offers an experience that is unmatched by any other European city. I am making bold statements right now, so let me explain. (And no, I have not been paid by the Prague tourist center to write this).

Prague offers something amazing to everyone — a tourist, a nature-lover, a party-goer to name just a select few. The city is so different and diverse in what it has to offer and so malleable to the interests of its visitors and inhabitants. Prague’s rich history and authentic cultural atmosphere give tourists an experience they won’t forget. From the historical Charles Bridge to the beautiful Charles Castle to the lively Old Town Square, Prague’s history still leaves me speechless even though I’ve been here for two months already. I have even had the opportunity to enjoy the lesser-known tourist attractions, such as the architecturally stunning dancing building and the weirdly unique Zizkov tower. I wished more tourists realized how many remarkable attractions Prague has to offer

Away from the buzz of tourist places, Prague offers nature-lovers great views and hikes. My favorite view has been from Petrin Hill, which can be reached by hiking or taking the Funicular Railway up the hill. The whole city is visible from the top, and it’s amazing to see the Charles Bridge and Castle from a different perspective. The peace and tranquility up top really put your mind at ease and you almost forget that you’re still in Prague!

Prague has the reputation of being a party city for many students abroad, and I can tell you that Prague does deliver on the hype. The number of bars, pubs, and clubs are incomparable to really any other European city, and it makes it that much harder to choose where to go for the night. From the different types of music that each bar or club plays to the different atmosphere each place offers, anyone can easily find a bar or club that fits their preferences and that they will absolutely fall in love with.

And yet, I can take the metro 2 stops over and end up in a completely different environment that is hard to believe is still Prague. I have been lucky enough to live in an apartment amongst locals in Prague 2, a residential neighborhood. Every day, I see kids walking to a school on our street, people walking their dogs, and residents heading to our neighborhood’s favorite local restaurant, Mlsnej Kocour, on Saturday nights. I even attended the block party the neighborhood hosted a few weeks ago. The residential environment is so different just ten minutes away from the city center.

I love that Prague offers something amazing to everyone. I love how heterogeneous Prague is; I can ride the metro for 10 minutes and it’ll be like I’m on an adventure to a completely new place. Most importantly, I love calling Prague home because it offers me a new experience each and every day.

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Dancing Building (Neil Nadpara / Blogger)

Zizkov Tower (Neil Nadpara / Blogger)

Night view of Prague from Petrin Hill (Neil Nadpara / Blogger)

Residential neighborhood in Prague (Neil Nadpara / Blogger)


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