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Thursday September 29th

Campus Style

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By Heather Hawkes & Jordan Koziol

Goodbye 2014 and hello to a whole new year of fashion! But is it really?

While studying all of the new trends from 2015 Fashion Week, we couldn’t help but notice that so many collections are odes to past eras; mainly, the 90s. Just about two seasons ago, grunge inspired styles like crop tops and plaid shirts around the waist became a huge sensation that quite honestly, still hasn’t died out. So what is it about the 90s that makes it so popular?

It was the introduction of minimalism and the celebration of the teenage lifestyle. We can’t even count how many times we’ve had conversations with other '90s kids about the shows we used to watch, the games we used to play and the things we used to wear. We '90s kids are very protective and almost infatuated with an era that many of us were too young to even understand or appreciate. This got us thinking, perhaps we are so in love with '90s fashion because it gives us a second chance to dive in and re-experience the era at an age that is capable of understanding how cool it truly is.

So while it’s still here, let’s slip on our slouchy boyfriend jeans, throw on a cropped band t-shirt and embrace it even more in 2015. After all, we are old enough to pick out our own outfits now.


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