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Wednesday September 28th

Campus Style: Barcelona Fashionistas!

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By Jordan Koziol

While I am abroad in Spain, I caught up with my fellow study abroad students Abbey Despain, an international business and finance major at the University of Oklahoma, and Lori Shapiro, an international relations major at the University of North Carolina, to get the scoop on Barcelona’s style.

Students utilize neutral colors. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

What are some unique trends you’re spotting while in Barcelona?

Abbey: In other European cities, locals dress up much more. For example, everyone wears jeans and T-shirts here (in the U.S. compared to trousers and blouses. We’ve concluded that the casual-nature of the style is due to the beach influence. They almost have a California style here.

What would you say the main difference is between Barcelona style and American style?

Abbey: They don’t accessorize as much and surprisingly dress simpler than we do.

Lori: They tend to wear darker and more neutral colors, and like Abbey said, it’s much more simple. They pair basic, yet high-quality pieces to create chic outfits.

Have you had any fashion faux pas yet?

Abbey: The other week I wore a brightly-colored rain jacket and got the weirdest looks from everyone. They really stick to their neutrals here, so I was turning heads.

Is there anything you’ve purchased to feel more European?

Lori: A euro-style jacket, darker clothes and booties.

Abbey: Chunky heels, scarves and more black clothes.

Do you have any packing regrets?

Lori: I would say to pack dresses and warmer-weather clothes in general. Even though it’s often 60 degrees here, the locals act like it’s frigid. They bundle up in enormous jackets and scarves because this is the coldest weather they experience!

Opinions on Euro-male style?

Lori: It’s so much better — structured jackets, nice shoes (and) fitted pants.

Any Euro trends that you just don’t get?

Lori: Those crazy, full-fur jackets and the whole shorts/tights combo.

Abbey: Harem pants … and don’t get me started on man buns.

What is the most stylish city you’ve traveled too?

Lori & Abbey: Paris!

Abbey: Parisians have mastered effortless style. They only ever pick two or three things to emphasize: lipstick, a great coat and a handbag. A scarf, tousled hair and simple makeup. They have such a classic look.

Are there any trends that you’ll bring home?

Lori: Statement jackets, cool booties and the all-black look.

Abbey: I’ll definitely create more simple ensembles. Sometimes people in America are overstated. They wear chunky necklaces and too many patterns and tend to over-accessorize.


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