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Wednesday September 28th

Campus Style: Spring Shopping Spree

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By Heather Hawkes

There’s just a little over a week until spring is officially here, yet the overwhelming amount of snow that remains has kept us bundled up rather than enjoying the warm spring air, unable to wear flowing frocks and bright ensembles. So what’s the plan between now and Friday, March 20, to prepare our wardrobes for the new season?

Add a pop with gingham prints. (AP Photo)

Just to make sure you’re fully equipped, I’ve compiled a few guidelines that will help your closet blossom with the latest Spring 2015 trends:

Eras to Mimic: The ‘70s are traveling through time to pay spring 2015 a visit. This season, expect tons of retro-inspired outfits including flared pants, paisley patterns and tons of fringe accents.

Colors to Catch Your Eye: When shopping for spring, try to favor a neutral color palette with a few bright accent pieces that can add tasteful pops of color (bright orange and baby blues are big this season).

Patterns to Play With: Floral patterns are always favored during the spring season. However, don’t go overboard. Make sure to add a variety of patterns so you can expand your wardrobe portfolio. Gingham (a gridlock, checkered pattern that somewhat resembles a French tablecloth) is an ultra-chic pattern I highly recommend.

Shapes to Shimmy Into: Look out for long, neutral-colored sweaters that go far past knee length, as well as a light trench coat to keep you warm until the temperature finally decides to go above freezing. Also, try to find yourself a pair of leg-lengthening flared pants. As far as skirts and dresses go, play with A-line shapes, oversized T-shirt dresses and high-waist midi skirts.

Fabrics to Fall For: I highly recommend adding some silks, suede fringe and tons of denim to your collection.


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