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Thursday September 29th

Campus Style: Spring Transitions

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By Heather Hawkes

Transitioning your closet from one season to the next is never an easy task. With an unstable climate that can go from freezing to 65 degrees in the span of just a few hours, it can be nearly impossible to put together an outfit that will keep you comfortable as well as fashion-forward all day. Thankfully, there are always ways to be innovative and create completely new looks without having to open up your wallet.

So let’s talk about something that several of us tend to have a surplus of — scarves. This is probably one of the most transitional pieces that you can own, simply because scarves are completely free-form and can be worn in hundreds of different ways. Here are two great uses for scarves that will help your wardrobe blossom.

The Fresh Spring Wrap: Take the widest scarf you have, open it completely, and place it around your back (as if you’re wrapping a blanket around yourself). Next, leave one end hanging down over your left shoulder and grab the end of the scarf that is hanging over your right shoulder. Take this end, pull it across your chest and wrap it around to the back of your left shoulder. Finally, take a safety pin or broach and secure the right end of the scarf in place. This creates an effortless, Parisian-inspired wrap that allows you to break up with your winter coat and start your new spring fling.

Belt it Out: Take two or three thin silk scarves and braid them together. Don’t be afraid to tie scarves with different patterns and colors together — as long as you keep your outfit simple enough to balance out your look. After you’ve made your braided scarf belt, you can either loop it through a cute pair of distressed boyfriend jeans or even tie it around a fitted dress to accentuate your waistline. Tie the belt a little off-center and let the loose ends fall down your side. This elegant and sleek tie belt is the perfect new DIY accessory for this spring season.


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