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Wednesday September 28th

Campus Style

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By Jordan Koziol Columnist

Name: Erin Shannon Year: Senior Major: Women’s and gender studies & English double major

Hilary Duff inspires Shannon’s style. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

JK: Tell us a little about what you’re wearing today.

ES: My shirt is Ivanka Trump from Lord & Taylor, my jeans are from ModCloth and my boots are by Timberland. The necklace I’m wearing is a chain with keys on it from my poppy’s engineering honor society.

JK: How would you describe your style?

ES: I like to use the phrase, “business casual grunge.” I vary… some days I’ll be very preppy and other days I waver more on the indie side. Sometimes I just dress for comfort.

JK: What is your go-to campus outfit?

ES: Dark wash jeans, boots, any trendy top and bright lipstick.

JK: How has your sense of fashion evolved since you’ve been at the College?

ES: I’ve definitely become more bold and professional in my manner of dress. Especially as a senior, I’ve become more cognizant of how others perceive me. I’ve tried to clean up my act a little, but still like to experiment with clothing because this is such a cool campus.

JK: Name something you wore as a freshman that you have since discontinued.

ES: I used to wear feathered headbands that stuck straight up, but I would definitely not wear that now.

JK: Has your area of study influenced your personal style?

ES: Yes, WGS definitely has. I have a denim jacket with a bunch of feminist patches on it. One features Ryan Gosling and that’s usually the one people comment on.

JK: What is your favorite and least favorite clothing store?

ES: If money was not an object, my favorite would be ModCloth. I really like their sense of style and they have a lot of options, but it’s typically on the pricier side. I usually invest in my high-waisted jeans from there. My least favorite is Love Culture, which is a knock-off on Forever 21, but with worse quality clothes.

JK: What is one article of clothing that you can easily transition from summer to fall?

ES: Probably any nice pair of brown boots. I like to wear mine with shorts, but they also look great with jeans.

JK: You have awesome hair. Would you consider the bright color to be reflective of your personality?

ES: Yes! Although it’s not my natural hair color, it’s representative of my outgoingness.

JK: Who is your style icon?

ES: I have two — Hilary Duff and Pete Wentz. They always look good no matter what style they are wearing and are both very versatile.

JK: What’s one country you would move to for the culture’s impeccable style?

ES: Italy. I visited there for my Maymester and everyone was always dressed up.

JK: Do you see your style evolving after you graduate?

ES: Probably for the worse because I plan on being a poor PhD student, so I won’t be able to spend as much on clothes as I do now.


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