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Wednesday September 28th

Campus Style

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By Jordan Koziol

Name: Mitch Miller
Year: Senior
Major: Marketing

Miller loves to dress for fall weather. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Koziol)

JK: Tell me about what you’re wearing.

MM: A gray Ralph Lauren quarter-zip, blue and white checkered button-down polo, khaki pants, brown leather boots and a Citizen watch.

JK: How would you describe your style?

MM: Casual professional.

JK: Have any people/events/time periods influenced your style?

MM: I’m an original.

JK: What are your favorite stores or brands to shop at?

MM: Polo and Vineyard Vines. Vineyard Vines makes comfortable clothes, and they work for tall/slim guys.

JK: Pick a style decade you would like to see make a reappearance.

MM: The ’50s. Jeans, a white T-shirt and a leather jacket — picture the guys from “Grease.”

JK: How do you plan on incorporating style into the workplace?

MM: Definitely don’t want to be the guy who just wears a black suit, white shirt and a red tie. (I’ll have a) very strong suit game — a gray suit and switch it up with a seersucker suit, classic bow tie once in awhile.

JK: Let’s talk suits. Any guidelines you follow when picking one out?

MM: It doesn’t matter what kind of suit, but you need to get it tailored to fit. You want to look sleek, and it needs to complement your body type. I highly recommend a gray suit, white shirt, navy blue tie and brown shoes.

JK: Favorite season to dress for?

MM: Fall because you get the Indian Summer every once in while with brisk mornings and warm afternoons, so you can switch things up.

JK: What are you looking forward to wearing this winter?

MM: I’m looking forward to wearing my Timberland boots, jeans and some type of sweater under a peacoat (with the collar popped).

JK: Opinion on man scarves?

MM: Before anyone ventures, definitely consult man scarf expert Giordan Kritzman (senior accounting major). You can either pull them off really well or they look like a stupid blanket wrapped around your neck.

JK: How about groutfits?

MM: I always try to dress up when I can, but after a long night out, it’s acceptable to wear a groutfit lounging on the couch the next morning.

JK: What’s one style you miss wearing as a little kid?

MM: Overalls.

JK: What is one fashion mistake you have saved a friend from making?

MM: Cargo shorts and TapouT T-shirts.

JK: How about one female trend you cannot stand?

MM: The female man bun or the homeless look where girls just wear flannels and ripped up jeans.

JK: What costume will you be rocking this Halloween?

MM: Goose from “Top Gun.”


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