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Sunday September 25th

Lions' Financial: How to Optimize Your Meal Equiv at the Lions' Den

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By Padma Radhakrishnan

Between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm, it’s possible to get food and drinks for up to $7.50 in points anywhere on campus… besides Eickhoff, of course. I set out to see if I could make the most of those $7.50 to get a complete meal.
A complete meal, at least for me, is a filling, lunch-sized food portion and a drink.

I reviewed the Lions' Den's menu at the Stud to get the latest prices. Here's how to get the best deal at meal equiv at the Stud:

  1. Small pan pizza ($4.59)
    Bottled water or soda ($1.79)
    Total: $6.38

  2. Grilled cheese combo ($5.15)
    Bottled water or soda ($1.79)
    Total: $6.94

  3. Slice of cheese pizza ($2.49)
    Greek yogurt ($2.49)
    Bottled water or soda ($1.79)
    Total: $6.77

Keep these guidelines in mind when you're getting meal equiv at the Stud:

  1. Stay away from the sushi and Naked juices if you want to stay within the $7.50 limit. They're expensive.

  2. If you are looking for a drink, turn to the bottles of soda or water in the fridge or small cup of coffee. These are relatively cheap options.

  3. If you're buying salad, the price is adjusted by the weight, so avoiding putting more of bigger items such cherry tomatoes or chicken. Load up on the lightweight toppings like shredded cheese or shredded carrot.

  4. If you want to buy dessert with your meal, grab a single slice of pizza to start your meal. It's the cheapest item on the menu that will still be filling enough for lunch.

This is the third part in a Lions’ Financial series, where Padma will explain how to get the best bang for your buck during meal equiv at different on-campus dining locations.


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