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Wednesday September 28th

Campus Style: Five-piece French wardrobe

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By Jordan Koziol

In the midst of uninspiring weather and in the spirit of spring cleaning, I bring you a magical concept — the five-piece French wardrobe. Thrown around the fashion lexicon for years, this capsule movement is based on minimalism, quality and a bit of je ne sais quoi. It focuses on curating the direction of your closet and can guide your choices with one simple question, “Does this fit into my long-term vision of my wardrobe?”

With the following in mind, step one is to do an audit of your current apparel. You are searching for quality basics across five categories: tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes and accessories. The “basics” are pieces that you wear, love to wear and that go with everything you own. Rather than being trendy, they have a timeless feel and are made of good material. Don’t hesitate to fill gaps in a particular category, but remember: quality over quantity.

Once you’ve established the basics, detox the remains. Although it may be difficult, it really is time to throw away the fringed leather skirt (tags intact) that you bought from Forever 21 three years ago. That brings us to step three: regulation of future purchases. The idea is to limit yourself to five new “non basic” items each season. Without indulging the need for unconscious retail therapy, this rule of thumb will keep your wardrobe current and fresh. Better yet, being cognizant of each piece you purchase will bolster your personal aesthetic.

Much like planning out your college career, the five-piece concept forces you to make wise, careful choices that will influence your future. It will save you money on fads and frustration when choosing outfits and will help you create a wardrobe that you will love for years to come. Mixing quality basics with touches of personality is the simplest recipe for fashion success… just ask any French woman!


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