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Sunday December 5th

Students take a Trip Around the World

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By Melissa Guerrero

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, students from the International House hosted its second annual Trip Around the World in the Education Building.

Trip Around the World showcased the College’s multicultural and ethnic clubs and aimed to inform students of life outside of America.

Students get a taste of different cultures (Envato Elements).

Students and residents of the College’s International House planned and executed Trip Around the World. Junior international studies major John Walsh, senior biology major Ruth Sanchez de la Rosa and sophomore accounting major Ariana Macaraig Berberabe worked together to bring different cultures to life.

“Trip Around the World is a fundamental event to the College campus because it showcases various cultures in a light of authenticity that I do not believe any other event can hold parallel to,” Walsh said.

The cultures that were represented at the event included Germany, Latin America and Italy. Each country had its own table, serving food and facts from each respective culture. Students were encouraged to try foods they have never eaten before.

“My favorite part of Trip Around the World is always when people try a new food for the first time and learn to love it,” Walsh said.

The event gave students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the different cultures throughout the College’s student body as well as meet students at the College who are from overseas.

“The event benefits students by giving them an ability to see the many cultural clubs we have on campus and to meet the international students who are ever so proud to showcase their traditions,” Walsh said.

Trip Around the World set up an illustrated setting to make students feel engaged and involved in each country. Students were directed to circle the room and stop at each country to receive a ticket.

At the end of the event, a raffle took place to motivate student participation. Prizes consisted of gift cards to restaurants and clothing stores, with the grand prize being a $100 gift card for Southwest Airlines.

Impressive performances by Chinese Student Association and DragonFlies showcased how dance is different throughout various countries.

TCNJ Barkada presented Tinikling: a traditional Filipino folk dance. Later, the freshmen members of the Chinese Student Association, called the Next Generation, performed a dance.

With thousands of students at the College, students are destined to meet people with different cultural backgrounds. Trip Around the World provided an interesting experience for attendees to learn about different cultures and discover the diversity on campus.


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