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Sunday December 5th

Campus Style: Winter season brings new trends

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By Jillian Greene

Winter break provides students and faculty enough time to shop and update their closet before returning to campus. The best part of the holiday season is sales, starting with Black Friday and ending with the day after Christmas sales. I definitely took advantage of these, and I could tell my peers did, as well.

The return to campus gives students and faculty a great way to show off their new clothes, shoes and accessories. You could rock your new outfit to class, the Library or the Brower Student Center.

Closeup view of fashionable ladies high heel lover the knee boots (envato elements).

The winter season and new semester are upon us and so are a multitude of new fashion trends. Fur pom-pom beanies are everywhere in stores and on heads around campus. The bigger the pom-pom, the cuter the beanie. They are the cutest way to keep warm.

Meanwhile, the choker has been reinvented. Back in the ’90s, there were a variety of styles, but now, the tie-up choker has become a staple. The choker is the perfect accessory to pair with a long knit sweater or leather jacket. The addition of a choker to any outfit can create so many different looks. Stylish chokers come in a variety of different materials with velvet being the most popular.

My favorite trend this season is the high-knee boot. I’ve seen countless students and faculty around the College wearing them. Whether they are heeled or flat, they are definitely more stylish than traditional boots. Over the next few months, I encourage you to keep an eye out for these trends around campus.


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