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Sunday December 5th

Lions Plate: Quick and easy desserts

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By Julia Dzurillay

We all know the feeling of scrambling to find the perfect last-minute gift. Here are some hand-picked recipes for creative students on a budget. Make these sweet and savory treats for your friends or yourself.

colorful candy (envato elements).

Chocolate Soda Bottle

One chocolate bar
One package of M&M’S

1. Empty and clean out a Coke or Pepsi bottle. Carefully remove the wrapper and set aside.
2. Break up the chocolate bar and microwave for 30-second intervals until melted.
3. Pour chocolate into empty soda container and periodically rotate the bottle until chocolate is evenly distributed.
4. Let chocolate harden completely (at least one hour).
5. Using a knife, cut the plastic bottle off of the chocolate.
6. Pour M&M’S, or any small candy, inside the chocolate bottle.
7. Stick the wrapper onto the chocolate and place the bottle cap on top.

Polar Bear Cookies


12 Oreos
One package of M&M’S
1/2 bag of white chocolate chips or white chocolate melts
3 tablespoons of black icing

1. Set aside 12 white chocolate chips or melts. Microwave the remaining chocolate for 30-second intervals until melted.
2. Stick two M&M’S into the cream on either side of each Oreo to create ears. You may want to dip the M&M’S in the chocolate first, using the chocolate as glue.
3. Dunk each Oreo entirely into the chocolate.
4. Place a white chocolate chip or melt onto the Oreo to create the nose. Using a little melted chocolate as glue, place an M&M on top of the chocolate chip to complete the nose. Let dry for at least an hour.
5. Make eyes with black icing. Don’t have black icing? Get creative! Use halves of black jelly beans, two sprinkles or milk chocolate chips.


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