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Sunday December 5th

Lions Plate: Smoothie Bowls

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By Julia Dzurillay

Now a popular food trend, smoothie bowls started this year at the Jersey Shore chain Playa Bowls. For those who may be unaware, a smoothie bowl is made with natural and fresh ingredients. Some travel to the Jersey Shore to enjoy smoothie bowls, but others have brought them into the kitchen.

Smoothie bowls are customizable and can be made more or less healthy. Add protein powder or chia seeds into the smoothie to sneak nutrients into your diet. If you love sweets, then throw some chocolate syrup, nutella or peanut butter chips on top. All you need for this recipe is a blender, fruit and an imagination.

Close-up of summer acai smoothie bowls with strawberries, banana, blueberries, kiwi fruit and granola on gray concrete background (envato elements).

Creating this snack may seem daunting, but trust me, it is not that hard. I encourage you to make this summery snack as a reward for finishing your homework or going to the gym. Enjoy this recipe for a nutritious treat for on-the-go students.

Smoothie Ingredients:
1 heaping cup of frozen mixed berries
1 ripe banana (frozen)
2 or 3 tbsp of coconut or almond milk

1 sliced strawberry
2 tbsp of blueberries
3 tbsp of granola
1 tsp of honey

1. Cut the frozen banana into slices, then add the banana and frozen berries to a blender
2. Add coconut or almond milk. Blend on low.
3. Continue blending until the entire mixture has a smooth consistency.
4. Scoop mixture into a serving bowl.
5. Add toppings and enjoy!


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