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Sunday December 5th

Lions Plate: Easy mason jar salads

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By Julia Dzurillay

Sometimes, lunch on the go means a bowl of half-cooked ramen noodles from the C-Store. I remember being a freshman and feeling guilty with each bite of Kraft Easy Mac I scarfed down. But no need to fear unhealthy eating anymore, because the Culinary Club is here with a healthy alternative: mason jar salads, a quick and easy meal for anyone on-the-go.

Mason jar salads, a quick and easy meal for anyone on-the-go (envato elements).

Most of these ingredients can be found in Eickhoff Hall or in the C-Store, which is perfect for any student on a budget. If you’d rather have a healthy snack for dessert, try making a mason jar parfait with layers of yogurt, granola and fresh fruit. When you’re done, rinse and fill the mason jar with water, lemon, cucumber and mint to cleanse your body. If you’re looking for something sweet to bring to class, blend a milkshake with one part milk, two parts cookies and cream ice cream and a little chocolate syrup. Think outside the jar!

Tomato and mozzarella salad ingredients:
Cherry tomatoes
Balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Southwest salad ingredients:
Romaine lettuce
Cherry tomatoes
Crushed tortilla chips
An avocado
Black beans
Shredded cheddar cheese
Ranch dressing

1. Wash the vegetables and cut them, as desired.
2. Add dressing to the bottom of the mason jar first to avoid making the leafy vegetables soggy.
3. Add a desired amount of each ingredient to a mason jar, leaving the leafy vegetables, (such a lettuce or spinach) at the top. Screw on the lid.
4. Keep salad refrigerated until needed. Enjoy!


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