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Sunday November 28th

‘Family Reunion’ brings night of fun and food

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By Alexis Bell
Staff Writer

The typically tranquil Social Sciences Atrium was bursting with loud laughter, rap music and cheerful vibes on Feb. 12. What appeared to be a lively gathering of friends was actually a “Family Reunion,” a commemoration and tribute to Black History Month hosted by the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

The goal of the Family Reunion was to have a gathering for all of the multicultural fraternities and sororities on campus in a safe space, with a casual and comfortable atmosphere resembling reunions or parties held by their own families.

Students have fun socializing and celebrating black culture. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

“The purpose of this event is to have a program for our fraternity to honor Black History Month, but we want all people to come...and enjoy themselves,” said Dejon Ricketts, vice president of Alpha Phi Alpha and a junior urban elementary education and history double major. “We have food and games, so I hope everybody has a good time.”

Heads Up, Scattergories, giant Jenga and Monopoly were just a few of the games students enjoyed at the event.

“I like having a safe and relaxing social event to go to with my friends and the other multicultural Greeks,” said Cidney Robinson, a member of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority and a sophomore interdisciplinary business major. “Events like this really bring us together when it comes to socializing and playing games.”

The table of food was swarmed with students vying for the last of the mac and cheese, hamburgers, hotdogs and other snacks.

“The food is really good and this whole thing is a really good idea,” said Nakyiah Horne, a sophomore criminology major. “I thought it was a great way to get people out and get them to mingle. When you’re at school, a lot of time you don’t get enough time to interact with other people, but this is a good turnout. It was a really great idea to get people to be more social.”

Loud music blasted from portable speakers as the students sang and danced along to popular rap songs.

“Good friends is what made me come. It’s going amazing and it’s a great turn out,” said Sam Serrato, a member of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity and a junior Spanish and African American studies double major. “It’s something so simple that brought all people from different walks of life together.”

The liveliness of “Family Reunion” could be felt upon walking into the room. There was nothing but positive energy as people from all different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds came together for a night of leisure, friendship and entertainment.


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