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Wednesday December 1st

Campus Style: Stripes

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By Lexy Yulich

Stripes have always been my go-to pattern for as long as I can remember. At one point in my teenage years, a majority of my wardrobe was filled with black and white stripes. As I grew older, my love for stripes continued. Luckily for me, stripes have been appearing in all the recent spring fashion lines. While stripes may seem like an overwhelming, busy pattern, there are simple and easy ways to bring stripes into your style. Here are five outfits that involve stripes.

  1. Striped black and white sweater, with ripped jeans and slip-on grey suede shoes. Whenever I’m indecisive on what to wear, I always gravitate toward this outfit. The sweater provides warmth and the stripes provides a flattering effect for any body type.

  2. Striped T-shirt and an olive-green jacket. I typically pair the top and jacket with my favorite pair of leggings for a more casual look. If I want to dress the outfit up, I’ll add a pair of dark wash jeans and either booties or flats. For jewelry, dainty pieces such as gold bracelets or a simple necklace is best worn with stripes.

  3. Striped pants and a black shirt. This outfit is edgier than any other striped outfit, but the right pair of striped pants looks amazing with a simple top and shoes. Since the pants are a statement, I keep my makeup and accessories to a minimum. This outfit is perfect for whenever I need a confidence boost.

  4. Striped crewneck. I found the perfect crewneck from Madewell. It is warm but still flattering. The best part about a striped crewneck is that you can dress it up or down depending on the look you want to achieve. For example, a crewneck looks great with leggings, but I can also add ripped jeans or even dress trousers. I always feel put together wearing the crewneck because I know that I’m going to be comfortable, but still trendy.

  5. Striped dress. Dresses are my favorite fashion secret because they make you look fashionable and dressed up, but in reality you only have to coordinate shoes and jewelry rather than come up with a whole outfit. There are striped dresses in every style, but my favorite is a striped T-shirt dress or a striped maxi dress.


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