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Sunday November 28th

Campus Style: Finals week

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As the semester winds down, and finals season begins, here are a few fashion tips to make dressing for final exams easier. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why do I care what I look like during finals?” I completely agree with you, but there are studies that show that dressing nicer for tests, presentations and other important academic events helps your performance. I’m not suggesting that you wear a business suit to your 8 a.m. calculus final, but wearing leggings instead of pajamas or sweatpants might boost your score! All of the following outfit suggestions focus on comfort and require minimal effort.

  1. Leggings, oversized sweater and slip on sneakers. Although it is April, the buildings are still chilly. Wearing an oversized sweater instead of a big sweatshirt will make you look more put together yet still cozy and comfortable.

  2. Athleisure. I’m a big fan of athleisure, which is a mix between athletic wear and casual wear. Wearing a pair of sports leggings with an athletic sweatshirt or tank top makes for a great outfit.

  3. Comfy jeans and a loose top. If you have a little time before your exam, wearing your favorite pair of comfy jeans and a loose flowy top gives the impression that you spent more time getting ready than you actually did. If you want to look even more sophisticated, add a necklace or a cardigan to add depth to the outfit.

  4. Flannel and leggings. The final outfit suggestion is to wear leggings (or jeans) and a cute flannel. This is my go-to finals outfit, especially when I pair it with a baseball hat and grey suede slip on sneakers.

Best of luck to everyone on their finals!!


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