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Monday December 6th

Campus Style: Fashion Week

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By Lexy Yulich

The most important week in the fashion industry is here! People from all over the globe made their way to New York City’s Fashion Week this weekend to watch top designers showcase their styles. In the fashion industry, designers must work at least two seasons ahead. The looks showcased this weekend were geared toward next spring, while clothes from the February 2018 fashion week were designed for fall.

Since fall is just around the corner, I will focus on the looks from the February 2018 Fashion Week. While most of the runway designs are too elaborate for campus, it is still easy to incorporate some of the Fashion Week trends into your everyday outfits. Here are the top three fall-inspired Fashion Week trends, with tips and tricks on how to transform runway looks into wearable outfits.

  1. Vibrant colors. Designers like as Tom Ford, Valentino and Alexander Wang featured eye-catching colors on the runway. Orange, purple and red were among the most common colors selected. With fall approaching, it is easy to add pops of vibrant colors into your looks. Wearing a red sweater or painting your nails orange are simple ways to add vibrancy and boldness to your outfits.

  2. Fitted Jackets. Chanel’s theme this year was inspired by old fashioned cruise ships — they had an actual ship on the runway — and their look was timeless. Rather than simply imitating the nautical theme, Chanel created pieces that were a cross between a ship captain and a pilot. The brand turned typical masculine looks, such as a leather pilots jacket, into wearable feminine pieces. If you want to channel your inner Chanel, look for fitted jackets. A fitted style, like a cognac brown leather jacket or an army green bomber jacket will add depth to any outfit.

  3. Plaid. Plaid is making a big comeback this season. Plaid dresses, blazers and even pants were a popular trend during Fashion Week. While wearing a full plaid blazer and pant outfit to class might not be practical, it won’t be hard to find a few plaid printed pieces. Stores such as Forever 21, H&M and Madewell have a wide selection of plaid. I particularly like wearing a plaid printed shift dress paired with black sandals and a denim jacket when the weather starts to cool off.


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